Presenting Fiverr Next: Miami

We love helping talented doers find an outlet for their skills, and a community to support them. Since our start, we’ve helped entrepreneurs build small businesses from nothing, providing access to services that previously never would have been available to so many. In that spirit, we’re always looking to find ways to give freelancers opportunities to network with like-minded creatives, pursue real passions and engage with an empowering community.  And while online collaboration is changing the future of work, nothing beats meeting face-to-face.

Enter: Fiverr Next, our newest series of events for the creative and entrepreneurial community to engage, learn, and network in person with doers just like you. If you’re looking to level up, get inspired, and get involved in the Fiverr community, these events are for you. And to kick off the Next event series, we’re headed to a place where opportunities shine—the Sunshine State!

As one of the largest cities for independent work in the U.S. and the site of a booming entrepreneurial startup scene, Miami is a hub of innovation. There’s no better place to launch Fiverr Next than this up-and-coming, vibrant city.

Set in the historic Wynwood district at the LAB Miami on November 3, Fiverr Next: Miami will gather Miami’s most innovative companies, thought-leaders, and creative brands for a day packed with thoughtful discussions. Enjoy catering from the Salty Donut, center yourself with guided meditation from Modern OM, and get curated swag! All in one day, in one amazing location.

Love to learn? You’ve come to the right place. Below is a sneak peek of the day’s content, including panels with local Miami thought-leaders from Bacardi, Premonition AI, Imperative, Fiverr, DeepBlocks, Waterdiam, The Community, Antidote, the Fashion Poet, Chameleon, Catalyst Consulting, Fever Code, AWOM Labs, CIC Miami, and the Miami Herald.

Fiverr Next: Miami Schedule of Events

10:45am: Doors Open

11am-11:30am: Donut & Coffee Bar, provided by the Salty Donut

11:30-11:55am: Welcome Remarks & Session w/ Modern OM

12:00pm – 12:45pm:

Leveling Up: How to be Truly Disruptive in an Age of Disruption

  • Olivia Ramos, CEO of DeepBlocks
  • Adam Winograd, Customer Insights at Fiverr
  • Julie Memphis, Brand and Digital Strategy at Chameleon
  • Anthony Ginter, President of Waterdiam
  • Arthur Woods, Founder of Imperative

Doers Discussion: Creativity in the 21st Century

  • Beth Wiesendanger, Program Manager, Fiverr
  • Jackie Hernandez, Digital and Social Media Strategist at The Community
  • Beau Vallis, Grammy-Nominated Producer and Fiverr Pro Artist

1:00pm – 1:45pm:

Leveling Up: Differentiating Your Brand & Standing Out

  • Sophie Zembra, Founder and CEO of Antidote
  • Annie Vazquez, the Fashion Poet
  • Amanda and Andy of the Salty Donut
  • Adam Winograd, Customer Insights at Fiverr

Doers Discussion: Building a Better Community & Making Genuine Connections

  • Adrian Alberto Madriz, Lead of Smash the Slumlords
  • Beth Wiesendanger, Community Program Manager at Fiverr
  • Santiago Bunce, Vice President of Catalyst Consulting
  • Ryan Hall, Program Manager at Fever Code Miami
  • Sandra LaFluer of Miami Dade College


The Art of Doing: Entrepreneurialism & Innovation in Miami 

  • Nathan Huber, Chief Business Development Officer of Premonition AI
  • Sarah Akiba, CEO & Founder of AWOM – The Foundation, Lab- The Female Co-working/Creative Agency, Club-The Lifestyle Brand
  • Adam Winograd, Customer Insights at Fiverr
  • Natalia Martinez-Kalinina, Latin American Lead of CIC Miami
  • Rob Wile of the Miami Herald (Moderator)

3:30pm-3:45pm: Closing Remarks

This is your chance to connect with other entrepreneurs, creatives, and movers and shakers within the Miami community. Free on 11/3? Get your ticket to stop dreaming and start doing, today.

Want to know more, or better yet, get involved? Ask our community organizers your questions below—and stay tuned for the next Fiverr Next event, coming soon! 

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