Trick or Treat: Printable #MadeOnFiverr Halloween Stickers

We love any occasion that calls for free candy and silly costumes, so needless to
say, we take Halloween very seriously here at Fiverr. But it’s not just the sugar that has us all hyped up. This year, we asked our community of talented illustrators to get into the holiday spirit by creating spooky and kooky Halloween sticker designs. Scroll down to check out some of our favorites, and—since we don’t want any trick or treaters to leave empty-handed—please help yourself to the awesome, printable creations!

Just click the image and download the printable sticker in the new tab!













#MadeOnFiverr by lamonastudio












#MadeOnFiverr by ryfkriefky












#MadeOnFiverr by lamonastudio












#MadeOnFiverr by Fiverr Pro sasaelebea












#MadeOnFiverr by trippiesteff












#MadeOnFiverr by egallagher_art












#MadeOnFiverr by vikka_shakun












#MadeOnFiverr by tamaracubrilo












MadeOnFiverr by ryfkriefky

Love them all? Click here to download a printable sticker sheet, and then snap a pic of your sweet Halloween swag and tag @Fiverr for the chance to be featured on our Instagram account. 

Ready to do the Monster Mash with these #MadeOnFiverr stickers? Show the illustrators some love in the comments below!

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