The 21 Best iPaaS Vendors for Any Budget

As your business grows and evolves, you'll inevitably find yourself adding more applications to your growth stack. If those applications run on different platforms and can't communicate effectively, you're going to run into issues with data loss, duplication of efforts, and bottlenecks that slow your team down.

iPaaS -- which stands for Integration Platform as a Service -- helps you connect the tools and systems that power your business in one place, so information can be shared without high-maintenance, one-off integrations or manual data entry.

We wrote a deep dive on iPaaS here if you'd like to learn more about the basics, view a complete glossary of iPaaS terms, and better understand what iPaaS can potentially offer your business.

If you've decided you want to invest in iPaaS but aren't sure where to start, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll go over some of the best iPaaS vendors, so you can discover one that fits your company's unique needs and budget. Let's dive in.

1. Dell Boomi

Acquired by Dell in 2010, Boomi offers a cloud-based integration and API management solution with all the bells and whistles you could ask for: workflows, API design, application deployment, B2B/EDI management, and much more. Within Boomi, you can design end-to-end workflows and process data across multiple applications. Suitable for enterprise and small businesses from many different industries, Boomi has been considered a leader in the iPaaS space for the last six years by Gartner.

Price: Starting at $549/month

2. Oracle Integration Cloud

If you're looking for a straightforward iPaaS solutions with industry best practices and premade integration flows baked into the product, Oracle Integration Cloud might be an option to take a deeper look at. Oracle serves up an extensive library of out-of-the-box adapters to different SaaS and on-premises applications, making the initial set-up less time consuming for your team.

Price: Choose from several different pricing structures, including a pay-as-you-go plan starting at $1.2097/message, and a monthly flex plan starting at $0.8065/message.

3. Workato

This iPaaS solution was designed to enable better connection between business users and IT, allowing both groups to plan, create, and easily maintain integrations between different systems. Workato provides pre-built integration flows between 300 of the most popular SaaS products, and the ability to design custom integrations in a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Price: Choose from a Business Plan ($1499/month) Business Plus Plan ($2999/month) and Enterprise Plan (Custom pricing based on your specific needs)

4. TIBCO Cloud

TIBCO Cloud prides itself on providing an easy-to-use iPaaS solution that simplifies the creation and management of integration flows in your business. They consider themselves to be an "application neutral" technology partner for their clients -- meaning, they won't try to push you towards using a particular application or ecosystem, they'll work with you to build a solution that connects your on-premises and cloud-based applications your business already prefers to use.

Price: Starting at $400/month for a Basic Plan, $1500/month for a Standard Plan, and custom pricing for Hybrid plans based on your unique needs.

5. promises to remove the laborious product management component of custom integrations and reduce the amount of time spent on integrations at your company by up to 80%. This iPaaS vendor also takes an as-a-service mentality to how they work with customers, helping you support feature roll-outs and upgrades, bug fixes, and connector updates.

Price: For system integrators, the monthly plans start at €199/month, for enterprise customers, the yearly plans start at €1,499/month, and for software vendors, they offer the platform as OEM with customizable pricing (i.e. on request).

6. Modulus Data

This iPaaS vendor specializes in integrations for the Human Resources industry, offering a comprehensive library of pre-built connectors aimed at helping your HR department align their applications and tools in one seamless, secure hub. Modulus Data has out-of-the-box connectors with most popular HR applications and softwares, including Workday, Greenhouse, Monster, and Oracle HCM.

Price: Contact

7. Informatica

Informatica has been around since 1993, and still continues to be an industry leader in helping businesses manage their data effectively and securely. Specializing in enterprise level iPaaS solutions, Informatica lists big companies like GE, Unilever, and L'Oreal among their clients. If you're a large company looking for hands-on support on your custom iPaaS journey, Informatica might be a good fit for your needs.

Price: Prices for an integration base begin at $2,000/month

8. IBM AppConnect

IBM's iPaaS solution markets itself as an easy way to connect apps, build APIs, integrate data, and act on events. AppConnect comes equipped with a series of templates made up of common patterns you can use to quickly set-up integration flows for your business, and start getting value immediately. SMBs looking to get started with iPaaS and explore the possibilities of new applications might benefit from using AppConnect.

Price: AppConnect offers a free lite package. Professional packages start at $500/month, and customizable Enterprise packages begin at $2,370/month.

9. SnapLogic

For companies seeking at enterprise-level iPaaS solution that can handle a lot of data quickly, SnapLogic offers up a way to automate integrations across on-premises and cloud-based applications on a large scale. But don't let the hefty capabilities of SnapLogic mislead you into thinking the product itself is for the extremely tech-savvy only -- this iPaaS solution is designed with user accessibility in mind, so even teams with less technology experience can build, manage, and scale custom integrations and workflows.

Price: Annual pricing starts at $48k/year

10. Zapier

One of the more user and wallet-friendly options in the iPaaS space, Zapier gives businesses of any size the ability to design and manage custom integration solutions that fit their exact needs. Zapier adds new integrations (called "zaps") to their massive integrations library each week, so chances are, there's already an out-of-the-box solution available for you to start using today.

Price: Zapier offers a free basic package. Starter packages start at $20/month, and Professional packages begin at $50/month.

11. Jitterbit

According to G2 ratings, Jitterbit is one of the more user-friendly and cost-effective iPaaS options out there. This iPaaS vendor offers support for a wide breadth of connectors, advanced workflow capabilities, real-time integrations, and a range of data security features. Additionally, Jitterbit has an easy-to-use visual designer to help make the setup and monitoring processes run smoothly -- even for teams without a dedicated developer on staff.

Price: Pricing varies based on your needs, so you'll need to contact Jitterbit to get a quote.

12. Amazon API Gateway

Built with developers in mind, Amazon's iPaaS solution enables teams to create and manage APIs that act as a "front door" for applications to access data and share information. Amazon API Gateway is unique because you only pay for the API calls you use, rather than most other iPaaS vendors which rely on monthly or annual pricing models. This iPaaS vendor is one to consider if you have a developer on staff and want more direct control over the API calls your company uses.

Pricing: No upfront costs. Pricing is determined by the quantity and type of API calls used.

13. Celigo

If you aren't sure how an iPaaS solution will work for your company and are wary of hefty fees, Celigo offers a free version of their iPaaS product. Their Integration Marketplace is stocked with plenty of prebuilt, supported integrations with common applications, and their "flow" subscription model means you can start off with the free version and only start paying if you increase your usage and add new integrations into the mix.

Pricing: The basic package is free, and they offer additional packages starting at $600/month.


This iPaaS vendor was designed with the intention to better connect the tools and workflows used by your marketing, sales, product, and services teams. They offer out-of-the-box integration solutions developed with these specific teams in mind, and aim to empower your teams to manage and create the integrations they need without the need for developer assistance every step of the way.

Price: Standard packages start at $595/month, Professional starts at $2,450/month, and Enterprise packages are available with custom pricing based on your needs.

15. Xplenty

If you're seeking a straightforward way to visualize your workflows, integrations, and data flows, Xplenty might be a good option to consider. Their simplified dashboard enables you to manage how your tools and data are working together in one central place, and your developers will love that they can connect Xplenty with their existing monitoring systems using service hooks.

Price: Contact Xpenty for a quote.

16. Mulesoft

Used by tech giants like Netflix and Airbnb, Mulesoft offers a wide range of customized iPaaS solutions for different industries and tech setups. Their selection of out-of-the-box connectivity options means your team will spend less time initially building out new integrations, since prebuilt integrations are easier to get up and running fast.

Price: Contact Mulesoft for a quote.

17. PieSync

PieSync wants to make it easier for your team to provide excellent service for your customers, and that starts with ensuring customer data doesn't get lost in the spaces between your team's tools and databases. This iPaaS vendor advertises a "no coding" approach that's ideal for teams who want to get started with iPaaS but might not have the tech resources on staff. They offer prebuilt integrations between many popular applications, like HubSpot, MailChimp, and Office 365. PieSync is also one of the more affordable options on the list -- so it could be a good choice for startups and teams on the smaller side.

Price: Starter is $9/month, Pro is $19/month, and Enterprise is $99/month.

18. The Crosscut

Developed by Moskitos, The Crosscut® is an iPaaS solution for hybrid information systems -- it can connect both cloud-to-cloud applications and cloud-to-on-premise applications, which makes it a great pick if your team isn't looking to go full cloud just yet. You can develop and launch integrations in a central Control Center, and set up role-based monitoring using their Corporate Portal.

Price: Contact Moskitos for a quote.

19. offers a low-code visual builder to create complex enterprise-grade or standardized self-service integrations. They also provide a set of features to embed integrations in the the UI of your platform (including HubSpot) into the UI of other SaaS platforms. integrates marketing, sales, events, productivity, and 300+ other cloud platforms. If you end up not finding the integration you need in their library, you can ask the team to add it at no additional cost to your plan.

Price: Contact for a quote.

20. Blendo

Blendo is a self-service iPaaS solution that can connect applications from your sales, marketing, and financial teams and flow directly into a number of popular data warehousing options. Blendo was designed to make reporting across multiple applications more straightforward, so they ensure you can access your data in your preferred reporting platform.

Price: Contact Blendo for a quote.

21. Skyvia

Last but certainly not least, we have Skyvia, a no-coding cloud data integration platform that offers both ELT and ETL approaches. It has both visual tools for simple integration cases and powerful mapping and transformation settings for more complex scenarios. The platform also offers no-coding OData and SQL web API layer and has ADO.NET provider and ODBC driver for accessing your data via these API over the web. Skyvia supports all major data sources - from SaaS apps like Salesforce and BigCommerce, to databases like MySQL and SQL Server.

Price: Choose from a Data Integration Free plan (free), a Data Basic Integration plan ($19/month), and a Data Integration Standard plan ($99/month).

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