Keep Your Employees Happy with Remote Working Hours

Remote working is not just a unique set-up for the future anymore. However, you have to bear in mind that managing a remote working team is just the same as handling a group of dedicated workers in the office. You have to make them feel happy and valued. So, how can you really connect to your people while being miles and miles away from them? Here are some tips to consider:

1.  Keep Them Looped In

It’s important for your remote workers to also be part of your office culture.

You can schedule weekly conference calls through user-friendly networking apps like Skype, Slack or Google Hangouts. You can even encourage them to dive into non-work related conversations by providing ice breakers during the morning or creating random channels in Slack where you can talk about anything under the sun.

Remember that a sense of belonging will go a long way in making your remote team more productive!

2. Track Their Productivity and Engagement

While it’s true that flexibility is at the core of remote working, a lot of leeway will slowly disengage your team. If you’re already fully-occupied, you can assign a team leader who will check in on their progress and listen to their pitches.

Also, make sure that their voices are heard. Encourage them to participate in brainstorming sessions, and assure them that their suggestions for new strategies are appreciated and noted. Collaborative online apps like Miro, LiveBoard and ExplainEverything can do the trick.

3. Help Them Learn and Grow

Try to lend a hand in the individual growth of your remote workers.

An employee’s growth is essential not just for your company, but also for his or her self-esteem. Assign an expert or invite a guest speaker to provide workshops for your remote team. If you can book a venue for the workshop, it would be better.

But if a face-to-face set-up is not feasible, there are tons of webinar apps that you can utilize. Zoom, Skype, GoToWebinar and ClickMeeting are popular platforms for hosting online seminars.

4. Assist Them in Balancing Their Work-life Routine

Don’t just remind your remote team to manage their work-life schedule, but be proactive in helping them achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Do your best in accommodating their preferred work-from-home hours, and insist on giving them the day off during their birthdays or family anniversaries. You can also win their hearts when you exhibit a culture of diversity of allowing them to celebrate national or religious holidays.

Thousands of companies that dumped traditional office structures have reached out to online freelancing platforms like Fiverr to hire their needed remote workers. Get on the bandwagon, heed these useful tips and learn first-hand how a remote team can save tons of your resources!

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