The 10 Best Leadership Podcasts to Make You a Better Leader

Looking for some new leadership podcasts to check out? We've got you covered.

From tips on how to be a better leader to interviews with top CEOs, these top leadership podcasts will help you develop your skills and knowledge.

Whether you're a new or a seasoned leader, there's something here for everyone.

1. CEO School

If you’re a leader who is also taking on entrepreneurship, you’ll enjoy this podcast.

Host and founder of a billion-dollar fintech company, Suneera Madhani, regularly brings on experts to discuss everything from scaling your business to creating a positive work culture. In her solo episodes, she shares advice based on her experience running her successful company.

Standout Episodes:

  • How to Have Effective 1:1s with Your Team to Drive Results with Empathy
  • Establishing a Culture that Drives Business Success
  • A Billion-Dollar CEO’s #1 Fundraising Tip

2. HBR’s IdeaCast

best leadership podcast: IdeaCast

If you struggle to find time to listen to podcasts, this bite-size one is a great option.

Each week, HBR’s IdeaCast tackles one facet of leadership in 30 minutes or less. With over 600 episodes, this longstanding podcast has covered just about everything you might want to know about being a better leader.

Standout Episodes:

  • One Way to Fight the Great Resignation? Re-recruit Your Current Employees
  • It’s Time to Fine-Tune Performance Management
  • Fighting Bias and Inequality at the Team Level

3. Let’s Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders

best leadership podcast: Let's Take This Offline

In this podcast, host and former exec Kishshana Palmer looks to redefine what leadership looks like.

“Let’s Take This Offline” breaks down unpopular topics within the leadership space, such as doubt, vulnerability, and shame. Consider this a safe space for leaders who don’t feel like they have it all together and want reassurance that it’s OK.

Standout Episodes:

  • Summer Well Series: Create Your Leadership Roadmap
  • How Doubt Can Boost Your Leadership
  • No Second Guessing, You Are Enough

4. How Leaders Lead

best leadership podcast: How Leaders Lead

When you’re working on improving yourself as a leader, it’s vital to get advice from all angles. This podcast does just that.

“How Leaders Lead” is an interview-style podcast that gives you access to top leaders in business, sports, entertainment, and more. Its host, David Novak, is the co-founder and former chairman of a Fortune 500 company who knows what questions to ask and which insights leaders are looking for.

Standout Episodes:

  • Embrace Big Changes with Curiosity
  • Bill Harrison, JPMorgan Chase Former Chairman & CEO – Preparing the Next Leader
  • Rob Manfred, MLB Commissioner – Finding Common Ground

5. Coaching with Leaders

best leadership podcast: Coaching with Leaders

Want to listen to a leadership podcast but don’t have a whole hour to dedicate to it? Then, this is the podcast for you.

With each episode averaging around 30 minutes, Coaching for Leaders is a short and sweet podcast on all things leadership, from giving feedback and managing difficult stakeholders to fostering inclusivity and improving communication.

Every episode is filled with tactical, actionable advice that you can use every day as a leader, making it a great listen for the morning when you’re getting ready for work.

Standout Episodes:

  • How to Involve Stakeholders in Decisions
  • How Top Leaders Influence Great Teamwork, with Scott Keller
  • How to Lead and Retain High Performers

6. The Unburdened Leader

best leadership podcast: the unburdened leader

When we talk about leadership, we rarely dive into the toll it can take on your mental health. Rebecca ching, LMFT, is here to tackle it.

With a background in family therapy, Ching has built her career around helping leaders navigate through the complex emotions and events associated with this path.

In each episode, she leans on experts in various fields to discuss leadership through the lens of mental health.

Standout episodes:

  • Leading Authentically After Hard Falls with Ref Rodriguez
  • The Intersection of Leadership, Brand, and Inner Work
  • Challenging the Fear of Rejection and Leading with Vulnerability

7. Coaching for Latina Leaders

best leadership podcast: coaching for latina leaders

While this podcast was designed with Latina leaders in mind, it’s a great listen for any leader.

What’s great about this pod is that it looks at leaders from a holistic perspective, helping them see how their personal lives impact their work lives.

That’s why you’ll see episodes focusing on journaling and meditation while others focus on leadership frameworks.

Standout episodes:

  • Living and Leading with ADHD
  • Lead at Work as Powerfully as You Lead at Home
  • Arrival Fallacy: How to Enjoy the Journey Toward Your Next Big Success

8. Coaching Real Leaders

best leadership podcast: coaching real leaders

Backed by the Harvard Business Review, this podcast is led by leadership coach Muriel Wilkins and is geared toward high performers struggling to grow as leaders.

Every episode starts with one question and one leader’s challenge to frame the episode. In one hour or less, Wilkins uses her background in coaching to help her audience navigate everyday challenges.

Standout Episodes:

  • How Do I Move from a Specialist to a General Leadership Role?
  • How Can I Lead Authentically?
  • Finding My Leadership Voice

9. Dare to Lead

best leadership podcast: dare to lead

In 2018, author Brene Brown wrote the New York Times Best Selling book Dare to Lead which serves as the basis for this Spotify Original podcast.

According to their blurb, this podcast features riveting conversations with “change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and as many troublemakers as possible.”

Standout Episodes:

  • Leading with Purpose In the Digital Age
  • Armored versus Daring Leadership
  • Why Every Leader Needs to Worry About Toxic Culture

10. Self-Control and Cheese

best leadership podcast: self control and cheese

Ever wish you could talk candidly with your peers about the challenges you’re going through at work? Consider this podcast that safe space.

Hosts Bridget and Sara, two young leaders working at fast-growing tech companies, talk about everything from securing that promotion to navigating difficult conversations with your direct report.

If you work in tech (or plan to), this is the podcast to hear about what it’s really like and how to move within this space.

Standout Episodes:

  • It’s Not Job Hopping If The Company’s Toxic
  • The Leadership Crash Course
  • 30 Under 30s A Scam

So, if you're looking to up your leadership game, or just want to learn more about the art of being a great leader, then check out some of these top podcasts on leadership.

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