[ThinQ Lab.5] Making the Most of a Spooktacular Halloween with LG Smart Home Tech

(BPT) - Pumpkin spice, the color orange and candy corn galore - cheers to Halloween, your kids' favorite annual holiday. This year, spook smarter and not harder with these fail-proof smart home technologies and turn your house into a ghostly den for frighteningly fun festivities. And thanks to smart home providers like LG and its LG ThinQ app, all these tips and tricks are available on your phone.

Serve Up Ghoulishly Good Party Treats

What better way to scare your friends and family this October than throwing a Halloween bash? Trick and treat your kids to a Halloween party they'll never forget.

When preparing Halloween dishes, remember to mix it up with both sweet and savory treats since it's the one day you can let your children indulge their sweet tooth. The LG ThinQ app has partnered with SideChef to provide sure-fire recipes for confectionary delights, complete with side-by-side instructions that are easily found on your phone by applying 'Halloween' to the 'Occasions' search filter in the ThinQ Recipe tab. If someone's allergic to peanuts or is a vegetarian, no worries - use the 'Allergies' and 'Preferences' filters to navigate through recipes and discover the perfect Halloween treat.

Cooking during Halloween can be a special family occasion, especially for the kids. As to eliminate the guesswork from cooking and ensure that your precious time is spent with the family instead of the oven, try the LG ThinQ app's Scan-to-Cook feature. Simply scan the ready-to-cook meal code on the app to send cooking directions, such as time and temperature, straight to your connected smart oven. With the LG ThinQ app acting as your smart sous-chef, all that's left for you to do is cook up some warm memories in the kitchen.

Dress Up to Scare Up the Halloween Fun

If you've been too busy to pick up a costume for the kids, don't panic as these last-minute dress-up ideas are here to save you.

One tip is to go with onesies or overalls - less clothing, much less fuss. For instance, dress your kids in a white onesie and pop on some rabbit ears to transform them into bunnies, or go with denim overalls over a plain yellow t-shirt for a mischievous Minions get-up. Alternatively, all-whites and all-blacks invent endless costume possibilities. Dress your little one in black slacks and a black shirt and add lipstick and eyeshadow to give them a vampire makeover.

Once your kids are finished trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, it's time to head home and tend to the laundry. It's easy for costumes to get dirty as they're shown off to everyone, but luckily for you, smart home providers like LG provide the latest laundry solutions to minimize your troubles. For the most delicate fabrics and hard-to-clean stains, the LG ThinQ app provides a wide variety of cycles that you can download and activate on your smart washer. Plus, the ThinQ Care feature, designed to keep appliances running smoothly with proactive maintenance, sends alerts when your washer tub needs cleaning as well as helpful usage reports - no laundry emergencies on Halloween day.

Settle Down for a Spooky Movie Marathon

Before tucking your kids into bed, why not finish the perfect Halloween night off with a spooky film-fest at home?

If you're looking for the quickest way to pick the perfect horror, streaming apps - the most popular found on smart TV platforms like LG WebOS - are your best shot as they offer special features and curations for Halloween each year. But if the movie of your choice is only accessible on your phone, simply mirror it to the biggest screen in the house using the LG ThinQ app's content sharing feature.[1]

When watching a movie, especially a scary one, making sure nothing breaks your immersion is vital - so when your remote control goes missing, don't go digging around. With the LG ThinQ app at your side, you can control the volume, change channels and turn the TV on and off with ease. If you'd like to skip manual control and perform the simplest commands with the simple call of your voice, you can do so as well by activating the 'TV' card on the ThinQ app.

Smart home tech does the trick on so many occasions - and this Halloween, you'll quickly learn just how well it puts the 'trick' in trick-or-treating. Download the LG ThinQ app now and find out how - you can learn more about LG's smart home technology and LG ThinQ here.

[1] Support for the LG ThinQ app's Content Sharing feature may vary according to the streaming app, due to copyright issues.

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