Technology Paving the Way to a Better Life for All

(BPT) - Today, technology plays a pivotal role in the way people work, play, learn and live. To ensure that everyone, regardless of age, disability or lifestyle, can reap the benefits of the latest advancements, leading tech companies are developing new solutions to make their sophisticated products more accessible.

Here's a closer look into how inclusive technology is paving the way to a better life for all.

Making Things Easier with Universal Design: Sometimes, it's not the software design that presents an obstacle for the user, but the design of the hardware itself. In recognition of the everyday hurdles that 'appliance architecture' can create for certain users, the concept of Universal Design has emerged. For instance, the 'SideKick' pedestal washer from LG, which can be used instead of a traditional laundry pedestal, can help make doing laundry a simpler task for those dealing with physical limitations. It cleverly raises the main washer for easier access when loading and unloading clothes while also easing the burden of large, heavy loads. And it helps consumers divide and conquer their laundry by adding another way to tackle two loads of laundry - both large and small - at the very same time.

Heading to a Better World with Various Voices: From artificial intelligence to voice-activated features, the development and implementation of inclusive technologies are progressing, but they still have a long way to go. To ensure current and future generations of products can be easily used by everyone, it's essential that the needs of different user groups are taken into consideration. To this end, LG established its 'Accessibility Advisory Board' back in 2013. Made up of accessibility experts and consumers of diverse ages and abilities, the council is helping the company to create solutions that enable more people to take advantage of all that its latest tech has to offer.

Narrowing the Medical Gap with Telehealth Technology: A commonly used name for remote medical services delivered using internet and telecommunications technologies, 'telehealth' is helping make healthcare more accessible to people in all kinds of situations. Today, more and more companies in the tech space are joining forces with healthcare experts to offer virtual consultations and other distance medicine resources to customers. For example, Independa, a company that specializes in remote engagement and care for the elderly, will provide telehealth services via LG smart TVs. Telemedicine innovator Amwell also is working with LG to develop smart devices that will allow patients to access high-quality virtual care whether they're at home or in the hospital.

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