Best ideas for tech gifts this Mother’s Day

(BPT) - Find it challenging to come up with new ideas for Mother's Day? Show your mom how much you love and appreciate her with gifts she'll really use - such as home technology that makes life easier.

Help Mom keep her phone supercharged and clean

Americans spend more than a third of their waking hours on their phone, so consider a convenient and speedy wireless charger for your mom. Some wireless chargers are ultra-portable, while others also double as a stand for phones or other devices. Make sure to choose one that suits your mother's needs - as well as her type of phone - and she'll be delighted to know her phone will never run out of juice again.

Another great option for moms who love their phones is a phone sanitizer, which uses UV lights to kill viruses and bacteria. These come in a variety of sizes, and some are multi-use so mom can also sanitize her tablet, car keys and more.

Boost her Wi-Fi connectivity and security

Everyone needs a strong Wi-Fi network to work, learn, communicate and enjoy entertainment at home - and nothing is more disruptive than an unreliable connection. With more family members video conferencing, gaming and streaming at home than ever before, this puts a strain on the network your mom depends on every day. If she's coping with an old router, help her upgrade her Wi-Fi signal and speed with a new Motorola MH7603 Wi-Fi 6 mesh system, offering expandable coverage for areas up to 5,000 square feet at a speed of 1.8 Gbps so Mom can connect over 100 devices with bandwidth to spare. Each extender in the system also has two 1 gig ethernet ports for fast wired connections all around the house.

Even better, protect Mom's online privacy and identity with the Motorola MH7603 mesh system. The system comes with an intuitive motosync app, powered by Minim, for easy setup, automatic updates and intelligent cybersecurity. When enabled, the system automatically scans for malware and blocks it in its tracks. Mom will also love the ability to block ads for faster performance and privacy. Additionally, for moms who are concerned about keeping kids safer online, the app provides customizable parental controls. Moms can create family profiles to filter content, set time limits, pause the internet, monitor each family member's usage and more with this easy-to-use app.

Give her the gift of her kids' smiling faces

Moms love nothing more than pictures of their kids and grandkids, but if she's running out of room to display them, a digital picture frame is the perfect solution. This will allow her to rotate which pictures - or even short videos - are displayed, or she can enjoy them as an animated slideshow. Digital picture frames come in a wide variety of price points, styles and capabilities. Most are easy to set up by connecting with a computer, thumb drive or using Wi-Fi to connect with social media or other websites where pictures are stored. Some will allow you to send photos to them via email. Do Mom a favor and set it up for her - along with new photos that are bound to bring a smile to her face.

Help her listen to her favorite content

If your mother loves listening to music, audio books or podcasts while she works or relaxes around the house, yard or garden, high-quality wireless earbuds or headphones are an ideal gift. Better yet, combine her new earbuds or headphones with a subscription to access her favorite content, such as Apple Music, Audible or Apple Podcasts.

You know your mom best, so you'll know which of these tech options will help your mom enjoy her greatest Mother's Day yet.

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