Learn why 3D printing may not be a viable alternative for stamping and machining

(BPT) - If your project requires high quality, tight tolerance manufactured specialty washers, shims, seals, gaskets or spacers, you may be interested in exploring your options with 3D printing. This process is the new craze in parts manufacturing and while 3D printing is generating a lot of interest, traditional specialty stamping manufacturers offer customers some very real advantages over 3D printers when it comes to parts that have been traditionally stamped or in some cases machined.

Here are just a few of the advantages of traditional part manufacturing, according to the professionals at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing:

* Put the perfect stamp on your project. Specialty stamping manufacturers can produce product much quicker and with much tighter tolerances than 3D printers. Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing typically stamps product between 70 and 200 strokes per minute, and some presses can even stamp 400 strokes per minute. This capability is unmatched in the 3D printing industry.

* Service on any job, no matter the size. Some customers may think they have to research 3D printing options because their job is too small to take to a specialty stamping manufacturer. Specialty stamping manufacturers, however, are equally adept at handling short-run jobs as well as larger projects. Dies can be created very quickly without a tooling charge and then your project is underway. In addition, some specialty manufactures carry large in-house inventories, ensuring you receive your finished product before other production options even receive the raw material.

* Parts designed to your specifications. Specialty stamping manufacturers can build the perfect part to suit your needs. Looking for an ultra-thin part as thin as .0005 inches? A specialty parts manufacturer can create this for you. This request is virtually impossible with a 3D printer.

* Access to the top materials. Looking to use the top metals and alloys for your next project? You can do so for less when you partner with a specialty stamping manufacturer. In the 3D printer industry these materials require specialized 3D printers, increasing the costs associated with your project.

* The perfect material for your project. If you're interested in researching your material options ahead of time, with a specialty stamping manufacturer, that's no problem. Specialty stamping manufacturers like Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing have access to over 300 materials, ensuring you the perfect raw product for your project.

* Standing the test of time. 3D printing is new and inexperienced in many of the intricacies of manufacturing. This is not the case with specialty manufacturers. Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been in business since 1907. Whatever challenges your project offers, they've seen it before and they have the processes in place to help you reach your goal.

* Service every step of the way. Specialty stamping manufacturers understand that your project isn't finished when the part is created. That's why many of them offer part-marking, painting and packaging options to guarantee that your project receives the finishing touches it deserves.

As technology advances, consumers are constantly flooded with new options in the marketplace. But new doesn't always mean better. Before you select the perfect manufacturer for your project, research the entire process so you can separate the benefits from the buzz. You just may see that your project is best complimented by the traditional approach. To learn more about Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, visit PhoenixSpecialty.com.

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