5 Ways a Logo Can Help Grow Your Business

One of the most important elements of a successful business is the logo that owners choose to represent it. The symbol of your company, a logo epitomizes your brand and is the most high-profile, visible representation of your business to its target market. It’s necessary, therefore, for a lot of thought to be invested in the design of a logo.

Think of all the storied businesses that have had a long history and still continue to dominate in the 21st century. Look at indelible brands like Disney and Coca Cola. Both of these brands, in spite of their American roots, are global brands. Everyone from the west to the east to everywhere in between knows their logos well. Their logos are minimalistic and memorable.

When people think of Disney, their thoughts immediately go to the company’s stylized lettering and fonts in the “Walt Disney” name. Maybe, they just think of Mickey’s mouse ears. With Coca Cola, people automatically think of the company’s trademark red-and-white design (and maybe the Coke bottle cap, too).

coca cola logo

There’s no doubt that investing time in logo design can help grow your business. Let’s take a look at precisely how logos boost your business profile.

It Builds up Your Brand Awareness

In the marketplace, brand awareness rules. Without customers being able to instantly recognize and connect with your brand, your products and services won’t sell well. Brand awareness is that beautiful factor that lifts your business up from the crowd and makes it stand out from the rest of the pack—your competitors.

When folks are aware of your brand and what it sells, half the battle is won right there! Your brand stays in their minds even when you’re not actively advertising to raise awareness for it. This recognition is extremely vital when it comes to getting customers, conversions and retaining loyal customers for the long run. It even helps in establishing a strong fan base, which can lead to evangelism marketing on behalf of your brand!

To continually stay in the minds of your customers, your business should be symbolized by an easily memorable sign or symbol—your logo. A logo is far simpler than remembering facts or a description of why your brand stands out from the rest; it’s a meme and an idea that just sticks in the minds of your customers, helping them associate certain, positive feelings with your business.

It Makes You Look Professional

When customers are combing the marketplace and searching where to spend their hard-earned money, they’re going to be very picky and discriminating. Having a logo can mean the difference between more customers and sales and having a tough time being in the black. Why? Because customers want to make sure that the products and services they purchase are top-notch.

In part, their assurance comes from how professional your business operation looks. A logo is a huge component of making your business look professional and, therefore, reputable. If customers associate your business with professionalism, they’re going to expect far better products or services. Your business will be the big winner of that impression, as your sales will increase. That’s why it always pays off to devote careful attention when you design a logo.

It Builds Trust (In Customers’ Eyes)

Having a logo that is the identity and symbol of your operation is a trust-building element. A trust-building element is a factor that puts your customers at ease with your business and makes them feel comfortable dealing with you. You could even call it feeling familiar with your brand. Effective logo graphics can fulfill this requirement very handily.

Customers associate all sorts of emotions and feelings with a logo, based on the design. For instance, a logo that features timeless shapes like stars or strong, bold strokes and lines will end up inspiring dependability and strength in your brand.

When your logo captures that all-important trust of customers, they’ll feel secure enough to continually purchase your products or services.

It Endears the Business Name to Customers

Sometimes, a business, in spite of its good products or services, may have a name that’s either too long or too hard to remember. This can make it a challenge from a marketing perspective to keep the business’ name fresh in the minds of customers and on the tip of their tongues. However, a pithy and effective logo can turn this negative into a positive by forcing customers to remember your business through compelling logo design. That makes it likelier that customers will choose your brand over others.

An absolutely perfect example of this is BMW. BMW actually stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, which is a mouthful even for German speakers! That’s why the company logo has been smartly designed to feature only the three initials inside of a black circle surrounding a smaller, blue-and-white circle. When customers think of BMW, they think of the sweet logo and fast cars…not the company’s hard-to-pronounce German name.

It Differentiates You From Your Competitors

You want your business to stand out from the competitors in your market. A stunning logo design will do the trick. You want your advertising department to design a logo with this specific objective in mind. When you have one that sets you apart from everyone else, it truly positions your brand as being unique and special.

That instantly carries over into helping your business grow because more customers will be motivated to purchase from a business they associate with having something extra-special that its competitors lack. In this way, a stunning logo can also help to communicate your brand’s value proposition—in other words, what it is about your company that makes its products or services better than anyone else’s.

Logos Can Make or Break a Business

The right logo can make or break a business. It can mean the difference between building traffic to your site, gaining a mass following and growing your revenues and failing to make any impact whatsoever in the marketplace.

When you think of all the brands in the world that have longevity, you immediately can’t help but think of their respective logos. That association isn’t just a mere coincidence. It’s obvious that having the right symbol that represents your brand identity can greatly help to grow your business.

That’s why logo graphics shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s recommended that you spend a generous amount of time brainstorming and then designing the perfect logo to help lift your brand above everyone else in your industry.

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