How Local Businesses Can Ace Cyber Monday & Black Friday Amid Covid-19

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are only a few weeks away. 

Due to the pandemic, many businesses are currently struggling. However, the biggest sales event of the year may help businesses rebound and earn profits after months of struggle. 

Now, how can you ace the long-awaited sales event? Here are some tips to ensure that your local business will hit the jackpot soon. 

1. Geotargeting ads

In the social distancing era, more people opt to discover new products through online channels. For brick and mortar stores, this means that foot traffic is no longer reliable. However, all hope is not lost. 

Local businesses can launch geotargeted ads and promotions that can be viewed by residents in their local communities. These mobile ads can promote your upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 

No need to worry if you’re not a social media expert. Instead, hire Fiverr social media managers and copywriters to create strategic geo-targeted ads. 

2. Plan ahead

Preparation is key to attracting the most number of customers to your online store. 

Truth be told, thrifty shoppers scour potential deals before Cyber Monday and Black Friday. This ensures that they can quickly grab the products they want before stocks run out. 

To get on people’s shopping list, create promotional materials highlighting the deals and discounts you’ll offer. Send promotional emails featuring recommended deals and send personalized product recommendations to your subscribers. 

This is a lot harder than it looks so hire a Fiverr marketing strategist to get the job done. 

3. Ensure customer safety

Due to Covid-19, customers research the measures local businesses are taking to ensure their health and safety. 

If you have a physical store, regularly sanitize your shop. Ensure alcohol is readily available for patrons and encourage social distancing among customers. You can also create a poster outlining the rules and regulations to build trust in your local area.  

Alternatively, you can also set up an eCommerce store and enable contactless delivery to accommodate shoppers who want to stay in the comfort of their own home. 

4. Launch gift guides

Since the holiday season is upon us, most customers are also looking for presents. 

Publishing a gift guide will help customers instantly find creative presents that they can give their loved ones for the upcoming holidays. Without one, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to market your products as perfect goodies for the season of giving. 

For example, Tiffany & Co has a landing page dedicated to holiday gift ideas for women. 

You can get in touch with Fiverr content creators to create promotional gift guides for emails, landing pages, and social media ads. 

5. Prepare your site

A website outage during Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the worst nightmare. 

Unfortunately, this happens a lot more often than you think. Many websites can’t handle the onslaught of hundreds of customers shopping at the same time so they temporarily shut down. 

A good tip to avoid this scenario is to use cloud testing to determine how your website handles excessive traffic. You can also upgrade your hosting plan to decrease downtime. 

If you’re not an IT specialist, you can turn to Fiverr IT and support experts who can offer sound advice. 

6. Build a relationship with current customers 

While the hype for Cyber Monday and Black Friday lasts for a week, the battle isn’t over yet.

Continue to engage with customers that you gained during the sales event, especially first-time customers. Advertise your social media accounts and send promotional emails. This ensures that they turn to regular shoppers or loyal customers. 

You can hire Fiverr sales specialists to determine how to keep current customers in your sales funnel. 

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Amid Covid-19 

Times may seem depressing, but there’s a lot of opportunities to make up for lost profits during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. 

Before the long-awaited event, market your deals, launch gift guides, and test your site to avoid downtime. Once it ends, continue to engage with the customers you’ve gained and convert them into loyal patrons.

No man is an island and the same is true during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. To guarantee chances of success, consider hiring Fiverr designersIT experts, and marketers with years of experience. 

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