Build it on Fiverr: our new Architecture & Building Design store is live!

Every day people use Fiverr to build, plan, and execute their ideas. Today, we’re excited to share our newest store that specializes in helping others build ideas, from the ground up! Introducing the Fiverr Architecture & Building Design store

Whether you’re an architect who needs help with larger projects or working independently on a smaller initiative, our new store features over 15 services with the freelance talent needed to bring designs and plans to life. The new store introduces completely new services in architecture and interior design, landscape design, as well as specialists in the latest technology like Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Fiverr’s new Architecture & Building Design Store includes the following services:

  • BIM 3D modeling
  • 2D drawings & floor plans
  • Architecture 3D modeling & rendering
  • Virtual staging 
  • Landscape planning & design
  • Landscape 2D drawings
  • Diagrams & mapping 

The rise in new technologies and tools like parametric and 3D design software have not only raised the market cap of the industry but have fundamentally changed how work is done. Projects can now be scoped and completed more efficiently than ever before. Fiverr’s new store will give specialists who understand how to use these new technologies the opportunity to work with a global audience of high intent, professional customers – opening their services to millions of people and providing an additional revenue stream for them. It will also give businesses and agencies specializing in architecture, construction and even real estate, the opportunity to tap into this talent, on-demand. 

Want to learn more? Visit Fiverr’s Architecture & Building Design store.

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