6 Top Fiverr Learn Courses to Take While Stuck at Home

So, you’re stuck at home, and you’ve run out of episodes of The Office and have more or less finished Netflix. Have you considered learning a new skill?

For freelancers, there is always room to improve the skills you already have that help make money. Better yet, you can take this extra time to learn something new! Not only does Fiverr provide a platform for freelancers across the world to create gigs and find paid work online, but it also offers a wide variety of courses to complement its many categories.  

If you are looking to broaden your horizons or expand your portfolio, check out Fiverr’s Learn Courses

What are the Courses About, and Why Should You Take Them?

Some Learn courses are broader and give a “101” crash course approach to making money using Fiverr with different skillsets. Others will go into more depth about something specific: how to do quality voiceover work, how to manage reviews, how to rank better with SEO, and more. 

Fiverr Breaks Learn Courses Down into 6 Categories:

  • Design & Branding
  • Adobe CC
  • Digital Marketing
  • Storytelling & Voice Over
  • Web & SEO
  • Programs

Here are some of the top courses in each category to consider:

Logo & Brand Identity For Designers 

Design & Branding

Former Apple and Nike designer, Brian Schmitt, offers this specialty course to build a branding program for your client, which stems from the initial creation of a logo or symbol. The course outlines the importance of all the elements that you should highlight- typography, colors, patterns, photography, and more; and how they can work together as a cohesive branding system. 

The course consists of five chapters, including an introduction, summary, and quiz for review at the end. This one is a bit heavier on the wallet at $120, but worth every penny. There are a ton of reviews to back the investment in your branding future as a freelance designer. 

Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

Adobe CC

If you’ve ever dabbled in Adobe Photoshop, you know there are a lot of moving parts. If you are a beginner, the idea of mastering it probably seems daunting. This introductory course is the perfect launching point if you are ready to learn the basics of Photoshop

It’s the crash course you’ve been waiting for, and you can’t beat the price. At $21, you get over 85 videos spanning eight hours of instruction. It covers all of the essentials, including how to use layers, shapes, text, cropping, selection and masking, filters, retouching, and more!

Social Media Content Strategy

Digital Marketing

Content strategy is everything for digital marketers. If you don’t have one, you’re wasting your time. If you don’t know how to do it, it’s time to learn! Rita Cidre shares her step-by-step process to strategically marketing social media for success without breaking the bank. 

The $42 course offers just under an hour and a half worth of video to become a content marketing guru. The course is ideal for freelancers or small business owners who want to become more tactical with their social media strategies. 

Launch A Podcast On A Budget 

Storytelling & Voice Over

Podcasts are more popular than ever these days. The coolest thing is that pretty much anyone can start one if they have the right setup at home, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

This $46 course covers everything you need to launch a podcast, including what core equipment and technology you will need, and how to format a podcast and attract followers. It also covers podcast editing 101 and how to get your show featured on the most popular platforms, like Spotify, Apple, and Google. 

Build A Professional Website With WordPress.com

Web & SEO

Finally! You have the time to build a website for your blog or side project you have been trying to get to for what seems like forever. So, where do you start? WordPress.com is one of the best platforms to use, but it can be overwhelming once you start getting into all the coding and details. 

If you are looking to build a professional website, this course will help you every step of the way. At $31, you get 18 instructive videos that cover everything from choosing a theme, adding widgets, connecting social media, and any other customization you would want. Plus, it’ll help you learn all the basics of SEO to boost your site’s traffic and visibility. 

Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets To Promote Any Product


This viral marketing course is brought to you by the marketing manager at YouTube, Jon Youshaei, who is also ranked by Forbes as one of the world’s top marketers. 

The in-depth videos reveal the coveted secrets to promoting products and brands with precision. At $249, this is the most expensive course featured on this list, but the reviews and results speak for themselves. If you are ready to step up to the next level of marketing online, this could be crucial in generating the ROI you want. 

Take Time to Invest in Your Skills

Whatever it is you are looking to improve in your freelancing career, Fiverr’s Learn Courses will help you get to where you want to be. Featured on top-rated learning course platforms like Udemy, you are bound to find something that will grab your interest and make you want to learn more. 

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