5 Portable Power Station uses prove you don’t have to sacrifice power to go green

(BPT) - If you're mindful of your impact on the environment and want to do your part to protect the planet, considering how you can use greener power options like portable power stations vs. gas generators can have an impact. Now, with new powerful options, you can put these worries to rest.

Anker's 767 Portable Power Station is a great choice for storing energy that's clean, renewable and free. Whether you're an RVer, van-lifer or just want options for fun family activities like camping, tailgating or family picnics where power is not as accessible, the Anker 767 is an ideal choice. However, if you simply want peace of mind during natural disasters that you can keep your fridge, a few lights, fan and of course your cell phones charged, it's a worthwhile investment as well.

While you can certainly recharge this Portable Power Station using a standard home outlet, Anker's 767 can also be recharged using up to five compatible solar panels. This includes the Anker 625 100-watt solar panel or Anker 531 200-watt solar panel, providing a truly green power source that's great when power is nowhere to be found - even on cloudy days.

Here are five great use cases for how a Portable Power Station can work for you.

Emergency back-up power: Knowing you can power the essentials in your home if the power goes out provides peace of mind, especially during snow, hurricanes and storm season. You can power lights, appliances, mobile phones, entertainment devices and more. And with restrictions for apartment dwellers that can't use gas generators, portable power stations are ideal.

Outdoor escapes: If you're an outdoor or mobile living enthusiast who loves to camp, a power station keeps your devices charged no matter where you go. RV owners and van-lifers will also appreciate not being restricted to campsites with outlets, meaning more adventures with fewer limitations.

Movie nights in the backyard: Do you want to be the envy of the neighborhood and have the perfect party option on-hand wherever? The 767 is ideal for powering everything from an outdoor projector to a popcorn machine and some mood-setting string lights.

Tailgating and team celebrations: For people who start cheering their favorite team to victory well before the game starts, a portable power station is a tailgating MVP. You can power grills, Bluetooth speakers, TVs, phones and more, from kickoff through overtime.

Working outside: Whether you want to move your office to a local park for the day or have a backyard construction project planned and must figure out how to keep your laptop, phone, portable hotspot or tools powered up, there is a simple solution. Grab your gear and roll the 767 to your destination, which will solve your power needs for the day. Now get to work!

With the Anker 767 and solar panel(s), you're doing more than utilizing a renewable energy source; you are supporting a company that keeps Mother Nature top of mind. In 2022, Anker started bringing environmental thinking into every dimension of its product design process, including materials, structure and technological innovation.

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