Why Your Brand Shouldn’t Forget About Pinterest

If you are promoting a brand, chances are you are using some form of social media to reach out to customers and broaden your audience. Typically, people gravitate towards the usual suspects like Instagram and Facebook. 

But have you thought about using Pinterest to promote your brand?

Even though Pinterest has over 320 million active monthly users, brands often overlook the enormous potential the platform has to promote and sell products. 

Pinterest in a Nutshell

According to its founders, Pinterest is not a social network. Instead, they consider Pinterest to be a “catalog of ideas” and a “discovery network” that focuses on creativity, hobbies, and personal interests. 

Users search and pin ideas and inspiration. From recipes and DIY projects to fashion and makeup trends, there is something for everyone on Pinterest. 

Type something in the search bar, such as “how to plan a summer outfit,” and you’ll see hundreds or even thousands of results populate relevant to warm-weather fashion. Scroll through the images and save your favorites by pinning them to a designated board of your creation, like “Summer Fashion.” 

The coolest feature is that these images link users directly to websites where they can learn more about what they are trying to do or potentially purchase a pinned item. People use Pinterest to browse a plethora of options for what they are looking to do or buy before committing. According to Pinterest’s statistics, 90% of users make decisions on purchases using the platform based on what they pin. 

Use Pinterest to Promote Your Brand

Most likely, your customers have used Pinterest to search for something they want or need at one point or another. 

With this in mind, whether you are selling a service or a product, Pinterest can be a powerful tool to grow your business. Here are a few of the reasons why you should use Pinterest to promote your brand and how you can do it successfully. 

It’s Free to Use

Pinterest is free to use and costs nothing to convert an account to a business profile. 

You can pin as many times as you want using different media formats, including photos and videos. You can also create pins that you may want to turn into ads later. In addition to photos, ads, and videos, you can create product pins, collections, and even stories. 

Not to mention, Pinterest has numerous free resources you can use to help get you started and to optimize your experience.  

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

When you create a pin, you link it to your website. 

For example, if you have listings on your website and create a pin using an image that showcases a particular product, you can link it directly.  If you create a high-quality image that is re-pinnable, each time a person sees your pin, you tempt them to click on the image to find out more, thus increasing your link clicks and web traffic. 

What’s even more helpful is that Pinterest has in-depth analytics and metrics built into the business profile that you can monitor.

Integrate with Other Social Media Platforms and Apps

It’s super easy to link your Pinterest account with apps or claim other accounts that you use for business. 

Apps like Instagram, Etsy, YouTube, Shopify, and Poshmark allow you to connect and distribute content across all platforms easily. Plus, if you use social media schedulers like Tailwind or Later, you can authorize access to schedule your pins automatically. 

Engage Your Audience and Boost Brand Exposure

Pinterest is all about audience engagement, and it’s easy to do without having to do a lot. There are a ton of approaches you can take to engage your audience:

  • Create useful boards by curating a healthy mix of self-made pins and user-generated content (pins created and re-pinned by other users). 
  • Get to know your audience better and interact with pinners who save your content by replying and commenting on your pins. 
  • Set up audience targeting to reach a specific group of people. You can do this by targeting groups based on website visitors, uploaded customer lists, and audience interactions.
  • Help scale your results by turning your pins into ads that will be seen by different audiences to get more conversions and sales. 

Hire a Pinterest Specialist Using Fiverr

Now that you know the basics, you are ready to kill it on Pinterest. 

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