Why You Need a Management Platform for Remote Collaboration

You’ve been brainstorming creative ways to bring your team together. With in-person employees, remote workers and a handful of freelancers helping you grow your business, it’d be nice to finally have a virtual hangout where you can all collaborate to move the needle forward. 

Hello, freelance management platforms. 

It’s what the most productive and forward-thinking remote teams use each day. Here’s why you should give it a shot for your upcoming project management and execution:

Take Your Collaboration to the Next Level

If you’re tired of juggling email threads, group text messages and lingering voicemails that you simply don’t have time to listen to, consider moving your communications and workflow to a central hub online.

You Can Nurture Work Relationships

Chatting in a public forum where everyone has a teamwork mindset and can share their ideas creates feelings of inclusion and appreciation. 

Remember the last meeting where two staffers chatted about an email only they had eyes on? Yeah, that can quickly make others on the team feel left out.

You Can Monitor Project Progress 

There’s no need to wait for a weekly check-in. You can simply log-in and see where everyone is at on their current task list or a master project timeline.

This transparency will help you identify issues and have more time to pivot before anyone gets too far along in the wrong direction. This ultimately saves time, energy and money.

You Can Bring on Help as Needed 

With Fiverr Studios, it’s simple to browse the community of available contract workers as soon as you have a need to fill.

Other remote team platforms, like Basecamp, Shortlist or Slack, offer amazing connectedness for communication and document sharing. But, Fiverr Studios goes one giant leap further to also provide talent (like Digital Marketing and Programming & Tech pros) at your fingertips.

You Eliminate Common Issues 

There’s always an instance of going to the boardroom meeting where the slideshow won’t load, someone forgot the handouts and then the overhead lights start blinking. It’s chaotic, annoying and unproductive.

An online management platform eliminates all those frustrating glitches that steal our time during the day. With a few clicks, materials can be uploaded or a Help Center article can be browsed to get you back on track in minutes.

You Can Warehouse Documents 

Having every spreadsheet, piece of written text, image file and video clip in one location is magical. 

Your location-diverse team can pull what they need, 24/7, from one central database and stay on task without navigating to multiple locations to get the documents they need to work.

You Retain Seniority and Control 

Every successful team needs an easily identifiable and engaged leader to take the helm. Your employees and freelancers will appreciate understanding who is in charge at the onset of your collaboration, especially when you’re not working face-to-face.

The process is easy at Fiverr Studios. Mark someone on your account as the Studio Lead and they will take the reins on all management level tasks.

You Need a Global Remote Team Platform

Communication across time zones and working styles doesn’t have to be a pain point. Onboarding your team to a management platform that connects freelancers and employees results in better workflow, productivity and output. Dive into Fiverr Studios to learn more.

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