Why Freelancers Should Sign Up for Health Insurance During Open Enrollment

Signing up for health insurance is highly recommended during the open enrollment season. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this option. 

Freelancers who want to get health care coverage for 2020 should sign up on open enrollment from November 1 to December 15, 2019. You can also modify or change your health plan during this period. 

Health insurance is a purchase that you should not miss out on, especially if you’re a freelancer. Why do you need health insurance? Here are a few reasons why you need to jump in the bandwagon.

1. Avoid Bankruptcy

A young and healthy freelancer may think that a $700 health insurance is not worth it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Investopedia reports that uninsured medical bills lead to 62% of personal bankruptcies.


Unexpected accidents and serious diseases can lead to thousands of dollars in debt. 

Freelancers without insurance may sacrifice their retirement, home equity, and savings. It’s always best to save for emergencies so shop for health insurance through Freelancers Union as soon as possible. 

2. Prepare for Emergencies 

Fiverr reports that there are 5.6 million skilled freelancers working in technical and creative professions across the United States.  


It’s a great opportunity to earn extra income. However, becoming a full-time freelancer can be risky without health insurance. 

Clients will rarely offer health insurance benefits. If you get sick or hospitalized, you won’t be able to work or earn money. You don’t even have a group health insurance like regular employees. 

3. Health Coverage for Your Family 

Escaping the regular 9-to-5 job is alluring, but ensure that your family has health insurance before you leave the corporate world. 

Health coverage is a must for every freelancer with kids and spouses. Some freelancers add themselves to their spouse’s policy. This may require you to pay to a premium amount so be sure to compare your spouse’s policy with the cost of self-insuring. 


You can also find an insurance plan that covers the entire family and offers some benefits. Some plans enable families to join fitness centers at a reduced cost. 

4. Travel Insurance 

Some freelancers quit their corporate jobs to become digital nomads. 

They want to travel the world or learn about different cultures while earning money at the same time. Your safety abroad should be a top priority so consider travel medical insurance. 


According to Freelancers’ Union, insurance for a single trip begins at $30 and $95 for regular travel. Those who plan to live in tropical countries and foreign lands for months can also explore health care coverage plans. 

Get Health Insurance 

Don’t miss the open enrollment season if you don’t have health insurance yet.

There are different health plans available per state. You can also explore options through Freelancer’s Union, COBRA, Health Savings Accounts, Affordable Care Act and more. 

Take your time browsing affordable health care options. Find a plan that works best based on your needs and personal circumstances. If you want to learn more freelancing tips, then check out the Fiverr blog.

Do you have health insurance? Let us know in the comments below. 


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