Where Freelancers Can Give This Season

As a Fiverr freelancer, It is a joy to be your own boss all year and manage your own clients and finances, but around the holidays you may envy your fellow friends and family in office settings. 

While they attend holiday parties & host charity toy drives you are alone with your home set-up.

This year you can get into the holiday spirit all on your own and offer your freelance services to do good. 

Why You Should Give Back

It is important for you as a freelancer to connect with your community and reach out to help others. Here are just a few reasons, other than for pure intrinsic goodness, why you should donate your time:

Firstly, it’s important to give back because freelance work can isolate you from human connection and make you forget why your work is meaningful. 

Your flexible schedule allows you time to do morepossibly one of the reasons you chose this workflow. Second, it is a great way to network and positively impact the validity of your business. 

As a freelancer you understand, first-hand, the lonely journey to fend for yourself and create your business. You may have experienced help from others along the way and this is a great reason to pay it forward. 

Who You Can Collaborate With

You can find various non-profit organizations around your community to help out, but there is one company that can find them for youDo For Good. 

Do For Good is a non-profit charity whose mission is to connect talented freelancers to non-profits in order to create a global impact. Whether you are a graphic designer, writer, photographer, VO artist, or social media guru there is a non-profit in search of your services. Fiverr and Do For Good have partnered with GivingWay, an online platform, that vets over 2,000 non-profit organizations so that freelancers can offer their expert services to make impactful changes. 

Find non-profits to collaborate with and give back by doing what you do best

How You Can Get Involved With Do For Good

Do For Good makes it easy to sign-up online, search for a non-profit that you’re passionate about, and reach out to help them complete a task. 

You have the option to volunteer on-site, possibly travel abroad, or contribute online from the comfort of your own home to help non-profits across the globe. Each task is clear on the time-frame they estimate for the work and is detailed on the exact work needed. You can also let each non-profit know how much time you have to dedicate to the task. At the completion of your task, you will receive a certificate of appreciation and most likely feel the warmth of genuine accomplishment. 

In just a few minutes you can commit a few hours of your freelance time that can change the outcome of a non-profit and aid a noble cause with just a few clicks on doforgood.co

‘Tis The Season For Gifts That Matter 

As a Fiverr freelancer you may feel powerless to help those across the world, but Do For Good empowers you to be proactive.

Dismiss the big red bows, hemp tweed, and meaningless consumerist gifts for those who have it all. This season you can make a difference to a group of people who could benefit from fresh drinkable water wells by proofreading their written proposals. The holidays can be dreadful for those who have to work and spend time alone or be away from their families, but you can celebrate as a freelancer by offering your services & hard work. 

Don’t let the holiday blues get you down, instead lift yourself up and offer your services to carefully vetted non-profit organizations to make a lasting world change. 

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