Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

“What inspires you?” is a question that entrepreneurs need to ask themselves every day in order to keep pushing, keep innovating, and keep demanding excellence from themselves. Something that we ask less often though is “who inspires you?” and more to the point, what do we learn from great examples who have come before us about how to be better people, business-owners and visionaries? Take a moment to read about some successful, down-to-earth people who share their life lessons.

No Limits

Living in a small house in a small town never stopped Joel, also known as Fiverr Super Seller “Djyoung” from dreaming big when it came to his ability to do what he loves and provide for his family. Whatever you think your limitations might be, read Joel’s story and see why there are no obstacles to achieving something big.

No Fear, Reach for the Stars

Often it’s not the physical obstacles that get in our way as we try to pursue our dreams but rather the mental and emotional ones. Too many entrepreneurs doubt themselves or their abilities and rather than trying and going for it, they give in to those fears. Check out how one entrepreneur took a page out of the playbooks of stars like Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs to overcome his own struggles and become successful in the face of his fears.

Work that Works for You

Even for those who are receptive to the idea of breaking out of the rat race and exploring the Gig Economy, it can be hard to reframe your mentality for this new reality. One of Fiverr’s top-rated sellers has this advice to give for how to make your job work for you no matter what your passion is. Check out her story and see why it’s time to let go of your traditional notions of how work and success might look.

Give Back

Working on your own business, often alone, and depending largely on yourself for success can be isolating sometimes and it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own challenges and difficulties. However, giving back to your community and to other entrepreneurs can be a great way both to learn and grow and to get out of your own bubble. Take a look at how this successful young entrepreneur uses his skills to help lift up others.

Where does your inspiration come from? Share with us in the comments below.

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