What Do You Love to Do? Finding Your Inner-Passions

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actor more than anything in the world. 

I would dream about winning an Oscarstanding on the stage with other stars listeningand I would give my acceptance speech for Best Actor. I’d thank my agent, my fans, and most of all, my parents for always supporting me. Throughout high school and leading up into my early twenties, I gave it a good, run, too, but all of a sudden, success stalled. 

Auditions stopped pouring in, and as the years rolled by, everyone around me made progress in other things they loved to do, while I struggled with my dreams. It wasn’t until I started reading poetry that my mind let me focus my attention on something else. For me, writing became a way to escape the stress of past failures or delays, and naturally, my love for it segued into a freelance writing career. 

Now, I still love to act, but I also found solace in something else that I love to do. I allowed myself to uncover my inner-passions. And ultimately, it put me on a much better path toward a future I can be proud of. However, the discovery certainly took time for me to recognize. 

Letting Go of What Doesn’t’ Work Anymore

As I said, my passion for acting got to a point where the stress of trying to succeed outshined the love of the pursuit. 

It got to where every audition I went on became a life or death situation. If I didn’t book a job, it devastated my self-confidence and made every future opportunity that much more dire. Needless to say, it was an unhealthy cycle that only left me further behind where I wanted to be—it became hard to accept, but it just didn’t work anymore. 

I think the same process can apply to anything. Whether it’s a full-time job or a business that you’ve been trying to launchif the pain of trying to succeed becomes too much to bear, then maybe it’s time to set that burden aside and rediscover what it is you love in the first place. 

Once I decided to leave acting alone, my life was in a completely new space to try something different. I got a job at a restaurant. I started catering parties with friends. I went to the bookstore in my free time. I found books of poetry filled with poems that changed my life. Rather than memorizing lines, I committed verses and stanzas to heart—passages that helped me uncover who I really was and what made my spirit soar. 

Altogether, it took me at least a year to not give up on acting or my dream, but I allowed myself to try something else. I admitted to myself that it was “okay” for me to be patient and pursue new interests and opportunities. And years later, I’ve been able to flourish in a freelance writing career that still gives me the freedom and flexibility to pursue acting if I choose to.

What Do You Love to Do? Recognizing Your Interests

Of course, everyone’s trajectory is different, but I encourage you to explore what you love to do if your current career path isn’t working out. 

And I know—deciding what you’re meant to do is no easy task. Some people know right away what their purpose is when they’re young, and others may spend their whole lives trying to answer the question. However, there is one piece of advice that I’ve gathered to offer you some insight into what truly makes you feel complete:

The truth lies in the passing of time. Whatever it is you do that helps you forget the ticking of the clock; to where you sit down to start, and hours later, in a matter of seconds, the sun and moon have switched places, that’s when you’ve found your light.

Again, it’s not easy to discover your inner-passions, but I hope these words can get you started on the right path. Most of all, trust that there are platforms available that can help you speed up the search! Fiverr is an excellent place to try new things or explore a new career path for the future. Click here to sign up today and embark on a journey you love!

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