Virtual Collaboration and Building Teams

Virtual Collaboration

Did you know that more than 70 percent of professionals work remotely at least one day a week? And that’s according to research from before the pandemic. The number of Americans who telecommute has grown steadily over the last decade, and recent events have put that trend into overdrive. 

And almost none of that remote working would be possible without powerful virtual collaboration tools that allow teams to communicate in real time. That’s why we’ve incorporated a robust virtual collaboration component as part of our newly launched Fiverr Business platform. This new platform offers businesses the ability to form distributed teams of carefully curated freelancers to achieve their business goals. With the built-in virtual collaboration tools we have created, you and your team will be able to connect with each other more effectively and make crucial decisions on the fly.

For teams spread across different locations, virtual collaboration is often the glue that holds a team together. Communication is key to the successful delivery of a project involving multiple contributors. The virtual collaboration capabilities built in to the new Fiverr Business experience makes clear and focused communication easier than ever, allowing your team to streamline tasks and increase productivity. Freelancers you hire can talk directly to each other, making working together on a single project a more efficient process. Not only that, but close communication helps build chemistry and team rapport. 

All the while, you can follow their progress as your team completes important milestones on the way to final delivery. It’s the best way to keep track of many freelancers working on different projects at the same time. We’ve created a virtual workspace that is powerful and intuitive to enable you to take full control of your freelance team. 


Building Teams

As the world recently learned, everything can change on a dime. 

Companies around the world found themselves throwing their annual projections out the window as the pandemic turned their best laid plans upside down. Businesses large and small had to pivot quickly and scramble to retool their strategies to adopt to the new reality. Recent events make the advantages of having access to a scalable workforce abundantly clear. With the economy on rough footing, the ability to scale up your team or scale it down as you see fit is a tremendous benefit.

For example, unemployment reached record levels this year. The decision to lay off an employee is a complex and often painful process. Traditional employers have to grapple with the sunk costs of recruiting and training along with the expenses of unemployment insurance, COBRA, unpaid vacation and severance pay. 

Now, here’s the alternative. With Fiverr Business, you can build a flexible team. When faced with economic uncertainty, you can adjust your budget for freelancers accordingly. Conversely, you can quickly build up your team to chase new opportunities in emerging markets without making longterm employment commitments. Or you can easily augment your permanent employed workforce with additional freelance help to enable them to do their jobs more effectively. Ultimately a scalable workforce makes it possible to react quickly to market conditions with minimal expense and risk. 

Freelancers on Fiverr Business are paid by the project, so as the client, you can reduce the scope or timetable of a project to adjust to changes to your company’s balance sheet with the push of a button. This flexibility is an invaluable ability to have in today’s environment. The new Fiverr Business platform aims to making it easier for business to build the best teams possible by assembling freelancers of various talents together to work for you.


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