Video Games Remain America’s Favorite Pastime With More Than 212 Million Americans Playing Regularly

(BPT) - The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) released its annual 2023 Essential Facts About the U.S. Video Game Industry report this week. The report reveals the number of Americans playing video games remains strong and encompasses players across all demographics including gender, race, ethnicity and age.

The 2023 Essential Facts report found that 65% of Americans play video games - which equates to about 212.6 million weekly players. Players and non-players alike agree that video games provide value to people's lives, with 96% of all respondents saying they view video games as beneficial.

'Video games remain a mainstay in American households, as they have for decades. Playing video games has become the norm, as those who first learned to play on early consoles now share their joy of play with their own children and grandchildren, resulting in an expansive and diverse player community,' said Stanley Pierre-Louis, President and CEO of the ESA. 'The Essential Facts report demonstrates that video games not only connect us, but also enhance our sense of well-being.'

This year's report reaffirms that Americans of all ages, genders and races/ethnicities play video games:

  • Across all ages, video game players identify as about half female (46%) and half male (53%), with approximately 1% identifying another way or choosing not to identify for the survey.
  • The average video game player is 32 years old and has been playing video games for 21 years.
  • A quarter of American players are under 18 (26%), 35% are 18-34, 14% are 35-44, 11% are 45-54 and 14% are 55 or older.
  • Of adults who play video games, 72% are White, 10% are Hispanic, 8% are Black, 6% are Asian/Pacific Islander and 4% identified as 'other.'

Video games bring Americans together and create communities where they otherwise might not be traditionally possible:

  • 80% of video game players play games with others.
  • 71% of players say games do a good job of creating welcoming and inclusive environments.
  • The majority of players (88%) agree that games help expand their social circles, and 82% say video games can introduce people to new friends and new relationships.
  • 76% of U.S. parents play video games with their children.
  • Half (50%) of players have met a good friend, spouse or significant other through games.
  • 87% of players say video games create accessible experiences for people with different physical abilities.

Video games are widely viewed as providing developmental and mental benefits to players:

  • Players believe video games provide mental stimulation (90%) and stress relief (90%) and help improve cognitive skills (88%). All respondents agree that video games can help build problem-solving (81%) and teamwork and collaboration skills (75%).
  • Younger (18 to 24) and older adults (65+) are especially likely to value video games for having fun and passing time, but older adults also say games stimulate thinking and help them relax.
  • According to players, video games also inspire people (80%), help teach kids how to win and lose in a healthy manner (74%), can be used to facilitate or supplement education in the classroom (72%) and help improve creative skills (85%).

Other noteworthy results from the 2023 Essential Facts include:

  • 58% of adult video game players use multiple platforms to play - they use a combination of mobile, consoles and/or PCs.
  • Smartphones remain the most used device for gaming - 64% of active players use a smartphone to play games and 12% of players exclusively use a smartphone to play games.
  • Among U.S. adults, casual genres, including puzzle and arcade games, continue to be the most played.
  • Of players' total time spent on entertainment (TV, video games, music, etc.), video games account for a quarter of their time and are highly valued. Nearly half of players report that video games provide the most entertainment value for money spent.

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