UX Writing: The Blueprint for a Successful Customer Journey

If you’ve ever built a website, you know how crucial it is to craft succinct and concise product copy that works in tandem with the design. If you’ve never built a website, the copy we’re referring to is often referred to as microcopy. It’s probably not something you think of often, but believe it or not, it’s something that you interact with more than you think. UX microcopy is what helps shape your experience when using an app, website, or any digital product. 

So what’s the difference between microcopy and something like email copy? UX microcopy exists to help educate, inform, and guide a user. It’s something that’s necessary for a successful customer journey. There’s a strategy behind it — from a clever call-to-action to search bar text to chatbot copy — every word is meant to help create a seamless and straightforward experience for a user.

So now that you know what UX writing is, how can Fiverr help? Our new UX Writing category can help you get your microcopy right. Looking to improve the engagement on your site? Have a really complicated product that you can’t seem to explain in just a few short words? Looking to simplify the user experience on your site? Check out our UX Writing category for this and more.

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