Update Your Customers with a Covid-19 Newsletter

Coronavirus is likely to hit small businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers hard. 

So, keeping customers reliably informed about what your business is doing to manage the outbreak is crucial. Not only does this reassure consumers, but it also demonstrates your commitment to providing and maintaining a high level of customer service.

Put yourself in the shoes of your shoppers and imagine what they’re most anxious about. Then ask yourself, how does this relate to my business? 

The easiest way to engage with your audience during these uncertain times is to send an email newsletter keeping customers updated about your approach to Coronavirus.

With that in mind, here are a few pointers on what to include:


It may seem obvious, but hygiene is on everyone’s minds at the moment, and your customers are no exception.

So, if you run a traditional brick and mortar store or a catering establishment, (or have in-person contact with customers in any way) focus on your approach to hygiene. This means reassuring customers about your enhanced cleansing regime and how this impacts the way you fulfill orders. 

You can also use this as an opportunity to tell customers what’s available to them. For example, are you providing hand sanitizers on your counters? 

Keep an eye on all the latest COVID-19 advice for businesses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are posting regular updates, so you’ll need to follow any precautions they give. Then, tell customers you’re doing that. Not only will this help you prepare your business but it also reassures customers you’re following credible hygiene advice.

Simplify Life

Make it easy for customers to change or postpone their orders without penalty. Look at what the airlines and holiday companies are doingwaiving cancellations and change feesand take a leaf out of their book.

Tell customers how you’re helping them. If you’re running an e-commerce store, take to your social media platforms (as well as your email newsletter) and inform customers how you’re still fulfilling orders.

If you have to close your store or amend opening hours, ensure your newsletter has this information as well as any details on how else customers can buy from you.

Be Empathetic

Ensure your newsletter and marketing strikes the right tone. If you go all out with an aggressive sales push, your customers won’t thank you for it. Show customers that you care about them and are trying to address their fears and needs. Show them your business is more than generating profit. 

So, if your company is involved in any COVID-19 community support, tell your customers. For example, are you prioritizing deliveries to the vulnerable and elderly? 

Support For You

There is help out there. 

The US Chamber of Commerce has produced a useful toolkit for businesses that will help you communicate the correct messages to your customers and your staff. So, take a look at that and use this to compile a winning newsletter. 

Final Word

In a rapidly changing and unprecedented environment such as this, your newsletters must be informative and well-sourced. Both the US Chamber of Commerce and the CDC websites are updated regularly and are good sources of reputable information. Alternatively, if you’re based in the UK, head to the Gov.uk website to stay up to date on all the latest advice. Communicating regularly and clearly with your customers will help your business retain its customer base and build on trust for future times. 

Hang in therewe’ll all weather this storm. 

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