Trust and community support are two reasons why Americans are shopping family-owned and local

(BPT) - When you go shopping for a good or service you need, you have a choice. You can shop family-owned and -operated or you can shop franchises and corporations. People are realizing where they put their dollars counts and more are opting to shop local when possible because they trust family-owned and local businesses and they want to help support their communities.

In fact, 64% are likely to trust family-owned and -operated businesses, according to a study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of CG Roxane, a family-owned and -operated business. Among the reasons why respondents prefer family-owned and local businesses, 34% said better quality, 32% said transparency about sources and 31% said fewer middlemen.

Shopping family-owned and local to support communities

Today's retail landscape often promotes online ordering and two-day delivery, yet people are starting to think about what really matters to them and opting to shop family-owned and local more frequently. The study found 35% of Americans have shopped family-owned in the last six months, and three in five believe that shopping locally helps their town. Respondents take the need of their community to heart, as 49% usually shop local for goods compared to mass retailers and online vendors. With so much going on in the world, supporting family-owned and local businesses and communities is one simple way to make a difference.

People will spend more for locally sourced goods

Shopping local is making a concise effort to support businesses that are close by or utilize nearby resources, with 35% of Americans citing "imported" and "internationally sourced" as red flags when it comes to purchasing goods. Roughly half of people typically shop at locally owned and operated businesses and 57% are even willing to spend more money on goods that are locally sourced. Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water is the only major U.S. bottled water that is captured directly at its seven natural springs across the United States. Consumer sentiment follows suit, with 60% of those surveyed being more likely to purchase bottled water if it is sourced from a natural spring source within their region versus trucked in from another part of the country. (Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water only bottles its spring water right at the spring source.)

This choice not only supports local communities and resources, but it is more sustainable and reduces carbon output, which is important as recycling initiatives and carbon footprint reduction represent 40% and 33% respectively of the eco-friendly business initiatives that are most important to Americans.

Family-owned and local businesses help communities thrive

With 39% of Americans citing it "helps my community" as a reason to support family-owned and local businesses, it is evident they are helping define towns and support economic growth. They also add to the community culture, with some participating in local events and programs that directly impact residents. When it comes to benefitting by way of scholarship, fundraisers or other events, over half of people in the study have benefited directly from this type of community involvement from local businesses, while 42% also know of someone else who benefitted.

"As a family-owned and -operated business, CG Roxane is proud to play a role in the well-being of our communities, in particular those surrounding its 10 facilities across the country," said CG Roxane Office & Human Resources Manager Cindy Miller. "The lasting impact we are able to make on the lives of our community members is truly a blessing."

Family-owned and -operated businesses are the heart of local communities. By showing your support and shopping local when possible, you're spending your dollars in a manner that makes a difference and embraces your values.

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