Top tech tips: How to create the best interactive virtual experiences

(BPT) - From small get-togethers and company-wide meetings to large-scale events and even global conferences, virtual live-streaming experiences have become vital for audiences around the world to engage with content and connect with one another. While the pandemic accelerated the need for and evolution of virtual events, technology continues to transform these gatherings into creative and compelling experiences by drawing from the worlds of social media, gaming, live music performances and more.

For anyone hosting a live streaming event, the good news is that today's technology is accessible and easy to use. Individuals or organizations from social influencers and entrepreneurs to marketing professionals, corporations and institutions can use available tools to reach their audiences in new and exciting ways. So what makes for a successful, engaging event?

Here are tips to help anyone execute an outstanding live streaming event.

Keep it real. What makes live streaming so compelling is that it's, well, live. The authenticity of live events creates a magic all its own that viewers often find more emotionally engaging than over-produced videos. Whether they're watching an influencer give a how-to skin care tutorial or enjoying a live concert from a favorite artist, there's nothing quite like watching something happening in real time.

Mix it up. Any event benefits from variety, combining exciting live moments with thoughtfully pre-produced content to enhance your digital storytelling. Draw on all the resources at your disposal, from visual artistry and music to influencers, personalities and thought leaders who can speak directly to your audience. Many of today's best events are hybrid, combining live, in-person components with virtual elements for far-flung audiences, weaving together a variety of experiences for a unique result with a much wider reach.

Make it conversational. Live streaming is at its best when it's not just a spectator sport. Interactive features like live Q and A, polling and chat will draw your audience members in and invite them to become part of your event as it's happening.

Use the best tools. Even without tech experience, you can get stunning, professional-grade live streams with just a few clicks using BlueJeans Studio by Verizon. The new all-in-one event production and live streaming platform is designed to put control into the hands of the creator.

BlueJeans Studio allows anyone to produce, star and engage in live videos with ease, maximizing broadcast reach with live streams to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, RTMP destinations and other platforms simultaneously. With easy video feed mixing, custom branding and endless streaming capabilities, you can produce TV-quality content that helps drive audience engagement and elevates any virtual event experience.

Key features of BlueJeans Studio:

  • No technology integration: The studio is web-based and built into the BlueJeans Events platform to enable anyone to host, manage and create stunning events - without technical or AV support.
  • Ease of use: No production expertise required; a few simple clicks create beautiful, engaging video streams.
  • Cost effective: You can save thousands compared to hiring production and AV support to improve the visual appeal of any event. Event plans start at $42 per month.
  • All-in-one event platform: Send invites, secure the event, get post-event analytics and save unlimited recording hours.
  • Highest video quality: 1080p picture quality elevates the event and brand.
  • Highlight more presenters: Capacity is up to 150 presenters - more than any other event platform.
  • Change onscreen layouts: You can even change onscreen layouts, using templates to create a more polished event look.
  • Host unlimited events: Monthly and annual plans allow users to host as many events as needed, rather than paying per event.

You'll be able to have presenters engage your audience with chat, Q and A and polls in real-time - and highlight audience comments and reactions on screen. And you can integrate uploaded videos, images and screen shares during the broadcast.

To further elevate your brand, you can incorporate personalized logos, background and colors, ticker banners, name cards, lower third overlays and more to create engaging and buzzworthy content that can be recorded, edited and shared again and again. Launching as an included feature of BlueJeans Events, BlueJeans Studio will be available at no extra cost to Events subscribers.

Learn how you can make your live streaming, virtual and hybrid events sizzle at

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