Top 7 items you need to pack for travel this year

(BPT) - The autumn foliage, the holiday season - it's all upon us. You're all set to travel, but it may have been awhile since your last voyage. What do you need to bring along for a comfortable, safe and pleasant trip? It's best to plan ahead for essential items to pack in your carry-on bag, so you can easily access them en route.

Here's a checklist to get you started.

1. Pouch or wallet to store documents

You'll need documents such as I.D. for your trip, so make sure they're secured in a place you can easily access when you need them. Some travelers find that a travel wallet (large enough to house everything you'll need) and/or passport cover can help keep essential documents safe and handy. Make sure you know ahead of traveling what is required by TSA, the airline and your destination, especially when going abroad. Be sure you have any credit or debit cards you plan to use in a secure location.

2. Noise-canceling earbuds

Plane travel can be noisy, making it hard to relax and enjoy the ride. Whether you like listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts or your favorite meditation app, quality earbuds make a huge difference. With LG's TONE Free FP9 true wireless earbuds, you can immerse yourself in rich, clear audio through Meridian Technology for up to 10 hours from one charge. Even better, LG's Plug and Wireless feature enables your charging case to double as a wireless dongle, allowing users to connect TONE Free earbuds to devices that don't have Bluetooth capabilities - like in-flight entertainment systems. The UVNano charging case also keeps the speaker mesh clean, thanks to the UV-C light built into it, reducing bacteria by 99.9% in just five minutes while charging.

3. Travel pillow

To make the journey more comfortable, many savvy travelers consider a travel pillow a must-have, especially for long flights. There are many different designs and styles currently on the market, so you may want to try one or two while seated in an upright or slightly inclined position at home first, to see what works best for you. Inflatable pillows are one option to consider, as they're easier to pack if space is tight.

4. Reading material

Especially if you're not a fan of audiobooks or podcasts, you may want to bring more entertainment along to while away the time during your flight. Packing a lightweight e-reader can be a great choice, as they're easy to hold and read in any light conditions. Worried about your battery running out? Pack an old-fashioned paperback instead.

5. Extra warmth

Packing or wearing an extra layer is also a good idea, as airplanes can get cold, and sitting still for any length of time makes you feel even chillier. Pack a light but cozy fleece jacket, sweater or sweatshirt that's easy to take on and off so you'll be ready for any fluctuating temperatures during your trip.

6. Health and safety items

Check with the TSA, your airlines and your destination (foreign countries in particular) for current protocols regarding health and safety. Be sure to pack a couple of extra face masks, as well as a small bottle of hand sanitizer (follow TSA guidelines regarding liquids and gels) and a pack of disinfecting wipes, so you can clean any items and the area around you.

7. Empty water bottle

Air travel can also be dehydrating, so it can make you feel better to bring a water bottle along and sip as needed. It must be empty to go through security, but then you can fill it up at a filling station in the airport before boarding your plane. If you don't have a favorite insulated travel tumbler, another handy option is a collapsible water bottle (easier to pack) - and some come with their own filtering system.

With a little planning ahead and the items on this list, you are bound to have a relaxing and comfortable trip.

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