Top 7 Ecommerce Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2022

Are you thinking of launching an ecommerce business? Before you start, learn everything you need about ecommerce with these 8 podcasts.

This list of ecommerce podcasts offers it all – education, inspiration, and entertainment. Check them out below.

Shopify Masters

If you’re getting into ecommerce, what better way to learn than from one of the biggest ecommerce platforms?

On Shopify Masters, the hosts invite successful entrepreneurs and ecommerce experts to discuss the tools needed to build a thriving online business. This includes everything from ads and crowdfunding to market research and ambassador programs.

Standout episodes:

  • The One Data Insight That Doubled This Brand’s Sales
  • How This Menswear Company Worked Past Major Breaking Points to Scale
  • How to Grow Your DTC Business on a Budget

Ecommerce Playbook

ecommerce playbook ecommerce podcast

If you’re a beginner in the ecommerce space and looking for straightforward, tactical advice, this podcast is for you.

Host Andrew Faris, former CEO of an ecommerce aggregator and now the VP of Growth for an ecommerce growth agency, shares his journey with listeners, from recent wins to big failures. He also brings in entrepreneurs to talk about their ecommerce journey.

Standout episodes:

  • How Much Should I Spend on Ads?
  • 21 AntiFragile Ecommerce Tactics
  • Know Your Numbers (No, Your Real Numbers)


ecommerce podcast: DTC pod

Are you launching a direct-to-consumer ecommerce business? If so, listen to this podcast.

It was specifically created with this audience in mind to help them with all aspects of running a successful DTC business, such as website conversion, paid media, brand awareness, influencer marketing, ads, and more.

Standout episodes:

  • Marketing Fyre Festival, The Viral Campaign of The Decade
  • Kevin Wong, Lunar: Breaking into Big Box Retailers with Hard Seltzer CPG
  • Shaun Brandt, Oddit: Conversion as a Service, Optimize DTC like a PM

The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast

the 6 figure product business podcast ecommerce podcast

Using a workshop-style approach, this podcast does deep dives on all aspects of running a successful ecommerce business.

Its host, Kerrie A. Fitzgerald, is an ecommerce business coach and digital marketing expert who build her own six-figure business and now wants to help listeners replicate it for themselves.

Standout episodes:

  • Why Free Facebook Groups May Be Hurting Your Ecommerce Business
  • How to Create a Cult-Like Following for Your E-Commerce Brand
  • Key Elements for a Strong Ecommerce Brand with Duo Collective

​​Female Startup Club

ecommerce podcast: female startup club

As their name suggests, The Female Startup Club was created with women in mind – specifically female entrepreneurs.

One thing this podcast does well is balancing its educational content with inspirational content. One episode might focus on the tactical steps to organic marketing while another may focus on a founder’s journey to $100 million in revenue.

While ecommerce isn’t the focus, it is something they discuss a lot with founders and experts.

Standout episodes:

  • 3 Lessons That Turned This Failing Fashion Entrepreneur into an 8-Figure Founder
  • 7 Women Pioneers Changing The Future of Feminine Health
  • My 7 Worst Business Mistakes That Cost Me Thousands of Dollars

My First Million

my first million ecommerce podcast

Ever wish you could be in a room with successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists while they brainstorm business ideas? This podcast allows you to do just that.

On the My First Million podcast, co-hosts Sam Parr and Shaan Puri discuss current trends in the market and the growth opportunities they identify. They also interview other successful business owners about their success.

While this podcast doesn’t focus solely on ecommerce, it can serve as inspiration for listeners looking to launch their business soon.

Standout episodes:

  • Billion Dollar Business Philosophies with HubSpot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah
  • How to Reverse Engineer Any Business
  • How to Recruit A-Players to Small Companies
The Glossy Podcast

the glossy podcast ecommerce podcast

If you’re a DTC ecommerce fashion brand and want to stay on top of industry trends and news, listen to The Glossy Podcast.

This podcast explores the impact of technology on the fashion and luxury industries. However, they also cover topics like greenwashing, executive team changes, and the metaverse.

Standout episodes:

  • LVMH’s Earnings, Lulumenon’s New Resale Program, Paris’ NFT Day
  • Google Shopping’s Stephanie Horton: ‘Servicing the customer at every point of the journey is the goal’
  • The Yes Founder Julie Bornstein on Building an ‘Industry-Changing’ Retail Platform

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