Top 5 tips for decking out your dorm room

(BPT) - As any college student - or parent who has seen a dorm - knows, dorm rooms are not exactly known for their level of glam or comfort. But with a little planning, you can transform any dorm room into a welcoming, fun and truly livable space.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Light it up

Both for productive study and to give any room a cheerful, warm vibe, thoughtful choices when it comes to bringing your own lighting make all the difference.

  • Find a desk lamp with a flexible neck so you can adjust it to work with any space, no matter where you move it.
  • Some desk lamps also include a handy phone charger.
  • LED lighting is easier on the eyes - and the environment - and will last longer.
  • Consider fun lighting accents, like a string of lights, to illuminate and elevate the space.

2. Create your own soundtrack

Nothing makes your room more your own than being able to enjoy all the music you love. With DTS Play-Fi® enabled speakers, sound bars or TVs, you can seamlessly stream your favorite tunes right from your fingertips. The Play-Fi app, available for Android and iOS, supports Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, Audacy, iHeartRadio, Sirius XM and many other popular services. And unlike with Bluetooth speakers, Play-Fi keeps the music playing and the party going, even when you leave the room.

Love watching movies and music videos? DTS Play-Fi's unique synchronization technology lets audio and video devices synchronize with each other - there's no echo between speakers, and no lip-sync problems with TVs or monitors. Don't want to disturb roommates? No problem. Download the Play-Fi Headphones App to create a private listening experience through your mobile phone and connected headphones. Play-Fi even works with Windows PCs to stream sound from any application with perfect lip-sync accuracy.

DTS Play-Fi is interoperable across products from over 30 brands, so you can mix and match products and add as you go to fully customize your setup.

3. Make it comfy

Since dorm room beds are not usually the most comfortable, consider getting a mattress topper sized to fit a standard dorm room bed to help you get your zzz's.

You can also make a difference both in the look and feel of any bland room by adding your own special accents. Opt for contrasting colors and textures when selecting throw pillows, rugs and extra blankets to make your room feel more cozy.

4. Organize your space

Most dorm rooms also have limited space, so it's a good idea to check out your options for organizers. Desktop shelf units and organizer boxes can help you make the most of a small room. A variety of rolling carts - from craft organizers to kitchen carts - are available that will make it easy to store your things and then roll them out of the way as needed. You can even find carts that are sturdy enough to hold your mini fridge on top - with space for snacks underneath.

5. Keep tabs on your favorite shows

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With these tips, you'll be able to bring some of the comforts of home with you, so you'll really enjoy time hanging with your friends in between classes and study sessions. Just make sure to check your college or university rules regarding what extra furnishings are allowed in your (or your child's) dorm room before you go shopping.

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