To-do list 2.0: How high-tech is making household chores easier than ever

(BPT) - Each week, the average person spends between 10 and 20 hours doing yard work and other tasks around the home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While necessary, these routine tasks don't exactly fit neatly into today's busy, on-the-go lifestyles, which is why technology is stepping in.

Here are three high-tech features to look for when shopping for a way to make household chores faster, easier, and even labor-free.

1. Cordless without compromise

Lithium ion has changed the way we communicate, entertain and work and now it's changing the way we maintain our yards. To give homeowners what they want - the power of gas mowers without the noise, fuss and fumes - the engineers at EGO spent 10 years developing a way to pack more power into a single battery. The result is the new EGO POWER+ Mower, the industry's first 56-volt cordless mower. EGO's proprietary power management system and Keep-Cool technology make it 40 percent more powerful than other cordless alternatives. The revolutionary battery also offers the industry's fastest charging at just 30 minutes. On the convenience side, the mower features telescoping handles that fold in for easy, vertical storage and headlights that combine with quiet operation for anytime mowing. Visit to learn more.

2. Do-it-itself

What started with the self-cleaning oven more than 50 years ago is now a whole-home concept. Today's do-it-itself solutions comprise everything from self-cleaning toilets and dustless ceiling fan blades to robotic gadgets that automatically clean windows and floors. New multi-surface floor cleaning solutions know exactly where to go and when to switch from vacuum to mop. Taking this concept vertical, the ECOVACS Winbot does the same thing but on windows.

3. Smart

There's technology that makes household chores easier and automatic, and then there's the kind that does the thinking and organizing for you. That's the idea behind new smart and connected appliances that not only cook food or keep it cold, but tell you by phone what's in the fridge and when a roast is almost done. The latest iceboxes from LG and Samsung even tell you how much time you have until the eggs go bad and how much milk is left in the container. The digital display serves as a grocery list, calendar and recipe organizer, not to mention a place to watch the morning news while making breakfast.

Technology is helping to make nearly every facet of our lives easier, and thankfully, the latest advancements are delivering a new level of ease where we can really appreciate it - household chores.

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