Tips for Fostering Entrepreneurship at Any Age

One thing we’ve noticed after interacting with countless entrepreneurs from around the world, is that often the drive to innovate and to pursue independence starts at a young age. You could almost say that entrepreneurship is something that comes from within, and that people who join the Gig Economy are as likely to do so because of an innate need to create as much as for any practical reasons.

If you have that inner passion but aren’t sure how to take the leap, or if you are wondering how we can foster entrepreneurship in the next generation then here are a few articles for inspiration.

Don’t Wait

All too often we hear people say that they will launch their business and follow their passion when the time is right. The truth is, that if you’re waiting for the perfect moment then you may well be waiting forever. Take a tip from Morissa Schwartz, a Fiverr success story, who started working in the Gig Economy as a high schooler and carried her business through her college years to today. If there is any proof that now is the time, she’s it!

Trust Your Vision

Here’s another story of an entrepreneur who had a clear vision from a young age. This Entrepreneur profile of Jordan Zimmerman is inspiring not only because of his success, but because of his ability to believe in and follow his vision and achieve his life goals. It’s easy to be dismissive of our inner visions for fulfillment and success, but this episode shows us clearly why ignoring it would be a mistake and a missed opportunity.

DIY – Do It Yourself

Too many potential entrepreneurs wait for opportunities to appear in front of them. Paul Ollinger, comedian and writer, wasn’t going to wait for anyone to hand him an opportunity, he went out and seized one for himself. Read all about what Ollinger learned in his self-publishing journey and how you can be proactive towards your own success like he was.

Inspire the Next Generation

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurship journey, you have probably overcome all sorts of challenges and resistance to get where you are today. If you’re interested n efforts to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship in children so that they will be free to pursue their passion without barriers, this article offers some interesting insights on the efforts that are underway and how teaching entrepreneurship can be improved.

How have you fostered your inner entrepreneurship and overcome outside challenges? Tell us in the comments!

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