Tips and top tech to prepare your home for the new school year

(BPT) - The new school year is an exciting time full of possibilities for students. While learning and expanding their minds at school is important, their growth doesn't stop when the last school bell of the day rings. In fact, since the popularization of remote learning, students learn just as much at home as they do in the classroom, so it's important to set them up for success wherever they learn.

You don't need much space to facilitate learning to help your kids thrive in their studies. Here are some of the ways you can prepare your home to set your children up to thrive this school year:

Digital devices

Even students as young as elementary school age are utilizing technology to help them learn better. Some schools may even assign your child a laptop or tablet for the year, so reach out to ask about requirements and expectations.

If you don't receive technology from your school, it might be worth investing in a device for your student or one you can share as a family. A tablet might be useful for small children, but once typing becomes important, a basic laptop is a better fit. If cost is a concern, you can look into community organizations that help fund student technology or inquire about options from your local library.

Powerful wireless internet

From helping kids do research to connecting virtually with their teacher, wireless internet is essential to power those digital devices. However, as the average home has over 16 connected devices, decreased bandwidth and dead zones make connectivity problematic. Blanket your whole home in fast, reliable WiFi coverage with the Motorola Q11 WiFi 6 Mesh System. You'll get blazing-fast WiFi 6 connectivity with speeds up to 1 gigabit, perfect for daily home networking needs like remote learning, video calls and 4K streaming. Whether using a 3 pack or 1 pack configuration, each Motorola Q11 unit is capable of connecting over 100 devices, too, so your remote learners, robot vacuum and smart thermostat stay connected without interruption.

WiFi systems like the Motorola Q11 also offer parents security with their home management app, motosync, powered by Minim, which makes home network setup effortless and features network management tools like parental controls, guest network management and data usage tracking. Plus, you get peace of mind with cloud-driven cybersecurity features, including auto firmware upgrades, malware scans, new device alerts and ad blocking.

Tech accessories and supplies

Having devices and a reliable, strong WiFi connection are a good start for a successful school year, but you can help your students even more by investing in some accessories to support their studies and technology use.

To start, headphones are important so kids can listen without interrupting other people in the household. Headphones come in a variety of styles and price points, including wireless options and ones with microphones for interacting with teachers and fellow students. A wireless mouse is also worthwhile, making it easy to navigate - especially if your device doesn't have a touchscreen. Additionally, ergonomic wrist rests and a good-quality chair will help students stay comfortable and healthy while typing and exploring online.

The new school year is an exciting time full of possibilities. With the right technologies and supplies, parents and students of all ages will be prepared for success.

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