Thinking about crypto mining? Get started today!

(BPT) - Solving math problems, earning some money and doing it all while you sleep - sounds like a good deal right? Crypto-miners are doing just that, and you can join the club. All you need is a computer, some hardware and electricity.

Bitcoin mining has been around since 2009. It involves the process of confirming crypto currency transactions by solving math problems. Initially, the math problems were easy to solve. But because there are a finite number of problems, the solutions become more complicated as more Bitcoins are mined. At today's rate, proving a transaction earns you 25 Bitcoins. The conversion rate for one Bitcoin at the start of May was just over $400 USD. It has been much higher than that in recent history.

Mining - or solving these transactions - works best using application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) hardware. GAW Miners sells this hardware so anyone can start mining for Bitcoins or Litecoins, another type of crypto currency. ASIC hardware connects to a regular computer and runs both day and night. The ASIC chip is designed to look only for solutions to the math problems confirming the transactions. This is called hashing. Just leave the computer running, and the chip will continuously look for solutions.

You might not want to wait for delivery or have your computer continuously running the ASIC hardware. In these instances, you could purchase one of the miners hosted by GAW Miners. Hosting means GAW Miners operates your hardware on site, and you use a co-location service to run the hardware within hours of purchase. You can direct the hardware to the mining pool of your choice.

GAW Miners sells its own brand of miners called 'Generation A' hardware. GAW Miners manufactures the fastest mining processors in the industry with up to 54 MH/s mining speeds for Scrypt-based crypto currencies (like Litecoin). Plus, you'll receive a five-day delivery guarantee except for some international or very remote destinations. Just review the ASIC hardware options for the price, hashing speed and electricity usage you want, and you'll soon be mining for Bitcoins.

You don't need to have a programming degree or technology background to mine. GAW Miners provides 24/7 service to help answer questions or make certain the product you ordered is delivered quickly and in satisfactory condition.

For those who want to enter the mining waters, this is a great time to invest in mining equipment. Get started now with your own mining hardware.

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