The Ultimate Guide to Fiverr Freelance Services for Gamers and Streamers

“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

Every kid has been asked this question by their parents, and at some point most have probably at least once answered: “Play video games!” This was then probably met with scorn or ridicule. But for kids growing up these days, it might actually be taken seriously. 

That’s because professional video gaming is fast becoming a real-life occupation, with elite players earning between $1,000 to $5,000 a month on average, and up to $15,000 a month for the upper echelon of competitive players. Pro gaming and eSports has grown to become a $1 billion+ industry.

Players earn money from tournaments, sponsorships, and streaming subscriptions. To create a game stream that is worth donating to or paying a subscription for,  yes, you have to be a great player, but you also have to develop a brand that attracts users. To create the ultimate stream, gamers must employ the help of logo designers, coaches, video editors, brand specialists, and, in some cases, merchandise to sell and give away to their fans.

That is exactly where Fiverr’s freelance services for gamers and streamers comes in handy. We’ve built out a hub to easily connect pro gamers to the freelancers they need to excel in the industry. 

Here is the ultimate guide to finding top freelance talent on Fiverr to develop your streaming or eSports brand

1. Graphics For Streamers

Professional graphics are a must-have for any pro gamer looking to promote themselves and build a loyal audience. As a video game streamer, you want to separate yourself from the rest of the pack and rise to the top. One way to make sure you stand out is with high-quality graphics, and without them, your feed is sure to fade into the background.

Custom Gaming Logo

Just because you are amazing at playing video games, that doesn’t mean you know how to design a snazzy logo. And that’s okay. You stick to gaming and let Fiverr’s army of freelance logo designers do what they do best.

Freelance logo design services for your Twitch channel or eSports team can be obtained starting as low as $15 for a basic logo. Premium freelancer logo packages can also be obtained for less than $100. Whether you need a gaming team logo or an eSports gaming logo, you can be sure to find a Fiverr logo designer that fits the bill—no matter what your budget is. Fiverr logo makers also specialize in Twitch streamer logos, YouTube gaming logos, and PC gamer logos.

Custom Emotes and Badges

Twitch emotes allow streamers to express themselves on the platform and show support for other gamers. Having your own custom emotes that tie into your logo or mascot is another way to scale your brand and increase your visibility on the platform.

Overlays and Screen Packs

Twitch streamers can add custom screens and overlays to their videos, and these graphics serve to further enhance their brand identity. For example, custom screens can be created to appear the end of your stream that link watchers to your other social media accounts. Or you have a screen overlay created that shows you have paused the game and will be right back. 

Button Panels

Twitch panels are used to customize your profile page and replace the default text and images. Panels are basically navigation links to various sections of your Twitch page, but by customizing them you can further reinforce your brand and appear as an elite streamer. 

2. Animations For Streamers

What’s better than having custom graphics for your streaming channel? Animating them. Take your graphics to the next level by hiring a Fiverr freelancer that specializes in creating animations. Animations are more engaging than static graphics. Take a look at our Animations for Streamers page for insight into what’s possible.

Scene Transitions

Make your screen packs pop with animated scene transitions. These transitions will give a more professional look to your stream.  For example, freelancers can add various motion effects to your pro gamer logo such as crossfire, which looks like a burning line of fire cutting across the screen. Freelancer crossfire effect creators can be found on Fiverr at very affordable rates. 

Animated Emotes

What better way to express yourself and promote your brand to other streamers than with eye-catching animated emotes. 

Animated Alerts and Overlays

As a streamer, you can trigger animated alerts that signify events that occurred, such as receiving a new donation. Animated overlays can also direct users to subscribe or make other actions. These tend to engage users more than static overlays, making them essential to have for pro-gamers looking to expand their influence online. 

3. Twitch Promotion

Build your online following with some help from marketing experts on Fiverr that specialize in Twitch promotion. These freelancers can build your audience through SEO and social media engagement, increase your traffic and subscribers. 

4. Gameplay Editing

Need to make a highlight reel of your greatest gaming moments? Fiverr’s video editors are here to help and many specialize in creating gaming montages. Create a highlight video for all of your gaming sessions so your followers can relive your glorious moments over and over again.

5. Game Coaching

Just like real sports, professional video game players need real coaching. If you are looking to move up in the rankings, you can find a game coach on Fiverr that will work with you to improve your gameplay. Game coaches on Fiverr specialize in all popular games such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Minecraft, and many more. Coaches can help you develop your strengths, understand game mechanics, work on your weaknesses and avoid being pwned.

6. Other Gaming Services

The services Fiverr freelancers offer to professional gamers don’t end there. Below is just a sampling of some of the things you can hire freelancers to do on Fiverr:

Get Your Game On

Now that you see everything that Fiverr has to offer gamers, from gaming logo design to professional coaching, you are ready to take your gaming career to the next level. Just remember to take it step-by-step. Start with a streamer logo and build your brand from there. Amplify your brand using freelancers, leaving you free to focus on the gameplay. 

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