The Role of Social Media in Super Bowl LVII Advertising

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The Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest event of football season — it’s the biggest event for advertising as well. Instead of solely relying on a 30-second spot during the big game, more and more brands are incorporating social campaigns into their Super Bowl advertising strategies.

Last year State Farm went all-in on social media advertising, opting to run a TikTok campaign instead of making a Super Bowl commercial. The brand posted a video from the @jakefromstatefarm account encouraging TikTok users to duet the video showing off their dance skills for a chance to star in a State Farm video.

Ahead of Super Bowl LVII on February 12, we’ve seen brands roll out early ads and teasers on social media to build anticipation and engagement. Here are a few we’ve seen so far:

The Love Triangle by Doritos

On January 12, Doritos released a video called “The Love Triangle” starring Jack Harlow. The clip follows the teaser image the brand shared on social media just three days before.

Doritos also took a page out of State Farm’s playbook with the #DoritosTriangleTryout TikTok challenge, inviting fans to share dance videos for a chance to star in the company’s final Super Bowl ad.


Pringles shared a teaser on the brand’s Instagram account featuring a mystery star holding the product with a caption alluding to the Super Bowl.

PopCorners Breaking Soon

PopCorners shared a Breaking Bad-themed teaser, enlisting actor Bryan Cranston.

As we get closer to the big game, we look forward to seeing the creative brands roll out on social to get us all talking.

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