The House that Social Media Sold: Why Real Estate Agents Need Social Media

Real estate agents can no longer avoid being on social media, especially now that millennials – the most active users of Facebook – also represent the largest group of homebuyers, and the group most likely to use a real estate agent. The good news is that if you’re a real estate agent, you’re in prime position to become a social media superstar and meet these new homebuyers.

Why? You already have an intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods you have properties in, the communities in these neighborhoods, and the social profiles and interests of your clients. Therefore, real estate agents have everything they need – with some help from social media experts on Fiverr – to create valuable and compelling content for their existing, and future, clients.

Try the following tips for the three essential tools that real estate agents should master: Facebook, Instagram, and video.


Consider Facebook the bread and butter of your social media strategy. With around two billion monthly users predicted by the middle of 2017, Facebook continues to add innovative features you can use to your advantage.

  • Use Facebook ads to target your audience at the exact moment they’re house-hunting. Facebook tells you who’s engaging with your content, so you can direct your ads according to topics of interest, ZIP codes, and even email addresses.
  • Test your ad photos to see which ones receive the most clicks.
  • Run contests and sweepstakes via the Facebook Contest App to develop deeper relationships with potential clients and learn about their preferences.
  • Post real estate listings, but make sure to keep the majority of your posts about community building, and customer interests, such as market trends.


Instagram is also extremely popular with millennials. With its visual appeal, it’s a no-brainer for real estate agents who want to highlight the aesthetics of their properties.

  • Focus on creating images that show potential clients how your properties fit into their home-buying dreams. Instagram marketing is about subtly selling a lifestyle.
  • Create short property videos and use Instagram’s geotag feature so clients can see where the video was taken.
  • Grow your Instagram following with the help of social media experts. Use hashtags like #ForSale or #HouseHunting to attract new clients you might not otherwise reach. Services like IconoSquare or Websta will also help you find the most pertinent hashtags.


Video could include eThe House that Social Media Sold: Why Real Estate Agents Need Social Mediaverything from livestream video using Facebook live, short videos on Instagram, or longer explainer videos that could be featured as part of your real estate agency’s YouTube channel.

  • Create a longer video that introduces yourself and your agency.
  • Work on building a dedicated YouTube channel that clients can visit to find neighborhood tours and listings.
  • Promote your videos across your social media platforms.
  • Try a Facebook Live Video Q&A session and host an open house.

No matter the social media channel you use, the key to success is to be active, consistent, and relevant in your posts. Use these platforms to welcome your clients into potential new homes.

What other social media tools are great for real estate agents? Does your real estate agency have a social media success story? Tell us in the comments below!

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