The Faces of #FiverrConnections: Mandy, Voice Over Artist & Music Consultant

The term “voice over” is quite an understatement. It’s really more like “voice going above and beyond!” A great voice over artist imbues personality into every facet of your brand. A voiceover can set a tone, create an atmosphere, and summon a feeling that can’t be communicated through words or images alone. So when it came to recruiting real-life community voices (and faces) for our #FiverrConnections campaign, voice over artist & music consultant Mandy Kimlick was a natural choice. Learn more about how Mandy helps independent professionals and brands bring their idea to life—and why clear communication is the key to successful collaboration.

Mandy (on the right) is just one of the real-life community members featured in our #FiverrConnections campaign.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, what you do, and what makes you tick as an independent professional.

Hi there! I’m Mandy Kimlick, aka vobyml on Fiverr. I love working on freelancing projects because each one is so unique. I get to experiment and learn with each job. It’s fun to collaborate with people from all over the world. Freelancing allows me to set my own schedule, pricing, and projects.

How did you get your start as a Fiverr freelancer?

My boyfriend encouraged me to start—he even helped me set up my profile! I guess he wanted to put all my character voices to good use. I hadn’t considered voice acting or even freelancing before Fiverr, and it’s been so rewarding to control my work schedule and client roster while doing what I love. I’m still a part-time hustler, but I am loving the freedom of my new lifestyle.

What are the key elements of good voice-overs? What information do you need from a client to set them up for success?

The key elements of voice-over work are:

  • Communication: what mood do I need to create with my tone, pacing, and prosody?
  • Quick turn-around: get clients what they need, fast.
  • Quality work: producing solid recordings with professional equipment that fit my client’s needs and creative brief.

Good communication is needed for any successful partnership. Buyers, please be specific with what you want! I need to know the mood/tone, pacing, and any character info (if applicable). Also, if background music or visuals are being used, those can greatly help me create voice overs to match the desired projects! The more details given right off the bat, the better! If you’re a visual thinker, provide references or images to help you communicate your ideas.

Do you have one piece of advice for someone just getting started as a Fiverr seller?

Apply to Buyers Requests! It’s a proactive way to connect with clients, rather than waiting for them to find you. Also, don’t forget to include a profile picture. Buyers want to know who they are working with—the person behind the screen name. Ask for any additional information needed to ensure you are meeting the buyer’s needs and of course, deliver quality work!

What are some favorite projects or deliverables you’ve worked on?

One of my favorite projects was playing “Rogue” from X-Men in a delivery! It was a super fun (pun intended) to use a voice other than my own.  

I also got to voice-over a dramatic dialogue with music for a dance competition. I always love when I can use my acting skills for creative projects!

What are your business goals for 2019? Would you like to do next?

My business goals include continuing to hone my craft. I hope to break out of my comfort zone with voiceover work. I’d also love to explore my voice with singing and continue training my voice to do new things!

Why is it important for freelancers to keep learning new skills?

Fiverr is a huge platform that offers lots of opportunities—as well as a lot of competition. Upleveling and improving your skill set through e-learning platforms like Fiverr Learn helps first time buyers feel confident in your work, showcases your success with past projects, and proves your competency in your craft.

How have Fiverr connections changed the way you think about your profession?

Collaborating online is helping to democratize creativity. Fiverr connections allow people who might not normally meet (due to a variety of circumstances) to be able to collaborate and work creatively in a variety of contexts, to everyone’s benefit. 

Being an independent professional has allowed me to experience creativity in new ways and with new people. Fiverr makes it easy to work with people from all over the world. It also gives sellers a unique opportunity to work remotely. Building and an international network is essential to continued success in any career.  

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