The Faces of #FiverrConnections: Assaf—CEO, Designer & Fiverr Buyer

Designers, by nature, think big picture. Assaf Dagan is no different. This former creative director dreamed of working at an agency that balanced impeccable design work with digital innovation. So he and his business partner Roee Lotan created Any_, a New York-based digital design agency that creates digital web interfaces, branding, and experiential events. Assaf and his team operate as an entire product department but come in with their own toolkit—which includes a roster of Fiverr freelance talent. Read on to find out how #FiverrConnections get Assaf and his clients to done—and how he feels about being a Fiverr “role model”—in our interview below.

Tell us a little about you. Who you are, where you’re from, what you do.

My name is Assaf Dagan. I left my hometown in Israel during my early 20’s to expand my horizons. My academic career continued while studying design in Barcelona, and I eventually ended up in a successful Paris-based advertising agency. As my passion for learning languages evolved, so did my opportunities to live abroad– I moved to NYC, ventured into the tech start-up world, and co-founded a now-defunct social app called “Hykoo.” The app’s focus on user-centric design revealed what most traditional advertising agencies were missing– the ability to improve the functional value of products. Strapped with these unique insights, I co-founded a design agency, Any_, with Roee Lotan, a brilliant design professional. Together, we’ve grown an agile team of designers and developers who specialize in user-oriented, data-driven design and communication.

What drives you? Why do you do what you do?

I am driven by a constant, unsatiated search of novelty and improvement. I do what I do because I want to share my knowledge about communication that spans beyond “creative” work. My background in user experience, habit creation, and emotional connection helps my clients (usually a CMO or small business owner) create more meaningful engagements with their clients (usually the world at large). Our clients invest in long term relationships with their users, not short-term profit gains on their bottom line. In short, I do what I do because I believe that brands and products can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

How have #FiverrConnections helped you grow your business/accelerate your career?

Having access to professionals worldwide helps our agency break through the glass ceiling of recruiting. It may have been out of the ordinary 20 years ago, but today’s more accepted “work from home” culture allows both buyers and sellers to feel comfortable in long-distance and remote work. The future of work is flexibility– whether it be flexibility in time zones, compensation rates, or skill sets, Fiverr is a recognized platform that is shaping this very future.

Our design solutions span many mediums– we look for freelance web and motion designers, developers, copywriters, and illustrators. If your work is both beautiful and functional, we want to meet you!

What advice do you have for first-time Fiverr buyers?

Fiverr is an amazing marketplace, but you have to know exactly what you’re looking for. Clear communication of your intentions, context, and business objectives is crucial when working over an online marketplace.

Why is collaboration important for creative-thinking decision makers?

Delegation is a key concept to master in transitioning from designer to business owner. I’ve learned that to tackle bigger projects, I must trust other people to carry out my vision and communicate clearly with people who operate differently than myself. This process leads to better collaboration– by keeping everyone around the table (regardless of a team member’s experience) and actively engaged, the quality of our final product improves exponentially.

What are your business goals? What do you want to *do* next?

My current business goals lie in the slow and steady growth of our agency while contributing more efficient results to our partners and clients. I personally want to venture into content creation, to complement our strategy and design with counterparts to drive clever messages home. I want to be able to take action on our visions to our partners, not just recommend them.

What is it like to be a Fiverr poster boy—literally?

I am proud to be associated with a brand that is an advocate to “doing” and creativity. Fiverr has developed a considerable audience with creative professionals that supports ventures into design (even beyond quick/affordable creative projects), culminating in a brand that plays a very meaningful role in creative work worldwide. Accessibility, connectivity, and flexibility are tangible values that I am happy to be associated with both personally and professionally.

Want to learn more about Assaf and his team? Ask him a question in the comments below, connect with Any_ on social,—and follow along as they take over our Instagram next week! 

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