The 5 Best Platforms For Remote Work

Remote work has grown over the years to become a viable option for a lot of people. 

However, due to the effects of COVID-19, those who aren’t used to remote work may have a learning curve to adjust to.  Since most people have been forced to continue their job from home or have been laid off and switched to a remote job in the meantime, luckily, there are plenty of brilliant platforms for remote work that can make the transition easier. 

So whether you’re a manager who relies on  remote work or an employee whose new to the experience, here are some of the best remote work platforms out there for you to consider:

1. Status Hero

Status Hero is available on Mac and Windows operating systems. 

Status Hero’s gist is being able to see everyone else’s status, like if they’re busy, away, or ready for more work. This is perfect for the head of a remote working team as they can clearly see who can take on the job or not. And for the employees, Status Hero is a no-brainer since if you’re busy, one-click is all it takes to stop work notifications from barging into your current workload. On top of those perks, other statistics, like participation and goals, are also displayed which shows the team’s effort as a whole. 

Other Benefits:

  • You can see what other workers are currently doing if they are listed as “busy”
  • Team Managers can assign group projects among team members
  • Observer Mode allows team managers and members to view other’s work without interrupting 
  • Members moods are displayed

2. Monday

Monday’s angle is the ability for team managers to set up timelines for specific tasks that are given to their members. 

With the timelines they’re given, members can update their status on the project as the days in the timeline go by so other team members and the manager know how it’s going. You will clearly see what a member is working on, their status, and their timeline in a very organized chart. Also, team managers can look at the statistics of their member’s previous projects, like how fast they got it done or how often they got stuck, and leaders can use that to choose the perfect member to give a project to. Overall, Monday is a straightforward, yet advanced platform that will keep your team squared away. 

Other Benefits:

  • Notifications remind members about deadlines
  • Necessary documents and files are uploaded to a team community hub
  • A weekly overview keeps team members inline
  • Perfect for bigger projects with long timelines.

3. Doodle

When your team needs to schedule a meeting, Doodle (web app) is the platform for you. 

Doodle lets team managers and members see when each other is available for a meeting which makes scheduling them a piece of cake. Even with different time zones or crazy work-from-home schedules, you can easily see what all of the members are up to. Doodle boasts itself as a simple platform for a seemingly simple task, and it also features other tools to keep productivity high. 

Other Benefits:

  • Lessens the amount of email’s composed 
  • Host meetings with video calls or regular chat rooms 
  • Pop-ups instantly send reminders to everyone when a scheduled meeting is close
  • Personal or private meetings can be held among the team so people know only what they’re supposed to do

4. Serene

Serene—only for Mac— is all about productivity, which is an important part of any remote work team. 

It achieves this by having team members only focus on one task for the entire day. You can even plan your goals and divide what you want to do in different sessions. Using a beautiful layout, your day plan is divided into sessions that accommodate one major goal for the day—from start to finish.  

Simply click “Go” and you’re ready to get to work without having to think of any other goals tasks flooding in.  

Other Benefits:

  • Distractions like social media notifications  and apps will be blocked during work sessions
  • A timer offers you  extra motivation to finish your session goal
  • Sessions are broken into smaller chunks  (20-60 minutes)
  • Only one major task for all team members, which is more efficient

5. Toggl

Toggl is a platform that helps you determine which work will bring in the most revenue.  

Toggl does this by timing how much you work on a project or task and creates data that will help you pick and choose work from clients that will, ultimately, give you the most benefit. This platform also increases your overall productivity since working on a time schedule gives you an extra incentive to finish. 

All in all, to accurately know if you’re being paid fairly for the amount of work you’re doing, Toggl is for you. And if you manage a team of remote workers, Toggl is a great way to maximize their time and efficiency. 

Other Benefits:

  • Along with yourself, you can see others’ time spent on projects
  • Data easily helps you with how much you want to charge for your services
  • Toggl analytics will help you see how productive you are
  • Whether on the go or working at home, Toggl is available on pretty much any device.

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Of course, there are many more platforms like Google Drive and Zoom that are online and always available if you need to share some documents or chat, but the platforms mentioned here will boost the overall productivity of any remote work team. 

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