The 5 Best Places To Work Remotely Away From Home

If you are part of the freelance workforce, you may experience difficulty with time management and motivation, which can be directly affected by your work-space. 

Where you work can become a place of inspiration or a black hole for endless distraction. Don’t let the proximity of your bed or couch lower your productivity

Here are some of the best places to work remotely, away from home, that will invigorate you to get to work: 

1. Do Your Laundry While You Work

If you’re living in a big city and your tiny apartment is closing in on you, doing some work at the laundromat has its benefits.

As a rule of thumb, most of them offer free WiFi, and the tables used to fold clothes double as standing desks. You can also expect a moderately quiet environment, too, as most patrons listen to their headphones or drop-off their laundry.

You will be surprised at the amount of work you can get done among water, bubbles, and a slew of natural light.

2. Stay Focused in Hotel Lobbies 

The perfect amount of quiet foot traffic and cozy seats typically await in any hotel lobby.

However, you don’t want to seem like you’re just lingering around. Instead, the best way to approach a hotel lobby is via the hotel bar:

  • Purchase a cappuccino, small-bite, or set yourself up for a work lunch 
  • Freely nest into any available seat in the lobby
  • The bartender will share the WiFi password 
  • Special allure in the summerAC (Option to sit poolside if available)

Sit in comfort and let the creative juices flow. 

3. Get A Free Public Library Card 

Public libraries have always been a safe haven for a variety of citizens, and your work will benefit from their solitude and inspiration.

A few reasons why:

  • Diligent librarians are still great enforcers to propagate the silent culture
  • Various options to sit on the carpeted floors, stools, couch furniture, or a proper desk and chair
  • Private rooms which you can book for meetings 
  • Free WiFi 

Libraries provide the essence of solace necessary for freelance work, so make sure to get a free public library card to reap the benefits. 

4. Co-working Spaces 

Not only are they decked out with trendy decor, but co-working spaces have evolved into the ultimate environment for freelancers to relax and get some work done.

The hype of co-working spaces is in part due to their amenities. Some of these amenities include… 

  • Free coffee
  • A hip, inviting atmosphere to settle into
  • Free snacks and Kombucha on tap (seriously)
  • Spacious meeting rooms and single call rooms
  • A friendly and helpful staff to assist you
  • Plenty of outlets to choose from

There’s certainly a lot to enjoy, but their true magnetism comes from the plethora of other worker bees to influence your work ethic. Co-working spaces often house lots of start-up businesses, other individual workers, and even some major brands, so who knows what connections you’ll make just by going to work every day. Not to mention, you’ll get a chance to interact with others since working at home can get lonely. 

5. Hit up Your Local Coffee Shop

Even though they have the propensity to get crowded at times, local coffee shops, bars, and diners are much more conducive to productivity, here’s why:

  • The buzzing environment can be invigorating
  • You have free WiFi (with a purchase, most likely)
  • There’s plenty of tables, booths, and chairs to choose from 
  • You’re supporting a local business (unless you choose a Starbucks)
  • You have non-stop access to caffeine and tasty snacks

Overall, endless lattes and bagels paired with an engaging workspace are what freelancers crave most. 

Set Your Intention

Your work-space is the initial point of contact that dictates your brain to achieve success or fall into continuous diversions. 

Freelancers find it difficult to be productive within their home set-upeven the most professional home office can falter to easily accessible distractions. With that in mind, use one of these out-of-home solutions or all of them in rotation, and you’ll discover that Friday night comes sooner and you can genuinely enjoy the weekend after a lucrative work week. 

If you want to increase your success as a Fiverr freelancer, then you should try to work in some of these unique locations and watch your creativity flourish. 

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