Super Seller Reddhorrocks: “Fiverr Is My Agent and Finds Work for Me”

Redd, known on Fiverr® as Reddhorrocks, is originally from the South of England and moved to the U.S. in 2001. After spending ten years in Georgia developing a deep-seated love for the Appalachian Mountains and apple pie, she moved to Las Vegas.

While she’s grown accustomed to the desert, she wanders off to the mountains whenever possible to snowboard and remind herself that trees still exist. As a professional voiceover and voicemail artists, she’s turned Fiverr into her main source of income and paid off a mountain of debt! Here she is to share her story.

Congratulations to Redd, our latest Super Seller!

My Fiverr journey

About a year ago, I was having trouble getting a document to format, and one of my friends had used Fiverr before. He sent me a link, and I got my document taken care of in less than a day. I did some poking around the site to see what else was offered. I had been doing voiceovers on the side since college and absolutely loved doing them, but without an agent, I had trouble finding consistent work. I realized that Fiverr could be a potential source of work for me, so I decided to put up a Gig® and give it a shot.

When I first started, it was pretty slow going. It takes time to build solid feedback and a network of clients. I would get one order here and there, and a couple of orders on some days. As my reputation grew and feedback increased, it started snowballing and I started getting more consistent work. After about 4 months, I saw my first double digit order, that was pretty exciting! I’ve not done any outside promotions and honestly, to me, that is the beauty of Fiverr. I can keep my rates low because I’m not spending hours roaming the internet looking for work. Fiverr is my agent and finds work for me.

The impact of Fiverr

When I started out on Fiverr, I was just trying to make some income on the side. I had been carrying a substantial amount of credit card debt that I really wanted to pay off, but the going was slow even though I had a fulltime job with a great company. I had estimated it would take me about five years to pay off the debt without working “extra.” But in January of 2014, I made my last payment on the debt, more than two and a half years ahead of schedule!

After that, I used Fiverr as my main source of income and used the paycheck from my day job to save up for a down payment on a house, and occasionally to travel and have a bit of fun!
Reddhorrocks - Voiceover Artist on Fiverr
Paying off my debt relieved a huge source of stress for me and brought me some financial freedom. I was able to fly home to England in December to visit my family, which I hadn’t been able to afford for three and a half years.

Fiverr has also provided me with an alternate career. My “day job” is very specific to where I currently live, but this isn’t where I want to settle down. With Fiverr, all I need is a studio and an internet connection and I can work from anywhere. I have a professional studio now in my home (funded, of course, by my Fiverr income), and we built it specifically so that it can move with us. Fiverr is also allowing me to do something I love. I absolutely adore doing voiceover work. I never know what’s waiting for me when I open up my queue in the morning, but I always have so much fun!

I particularly love when a client brings me something where they want me to just “play around” because they want their voicemail to be funny or their demo video to be really informal and quirky. Those are fun!

I recently made a big decision and turned in my notice at my day job, so I’ll become a fulltime Fiverr seller starting at the end of September. I’m so excited and greatly looking forward to it. Fiverr has completely changed my life and made it so much fuller and better. I have so many opportunities that I didn’t have before.

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