Strong internet connectivity helps you thrive as life evolves

(BPT) - Demand for reliable networking solutions is at an all-time high for businesses and individuals alike. Whether it's for work, school, health care or entertainment, many daily activities are dependent on access to fast and dependable internet.

In fact, according to Comcast - one the nation's largest media and technology companies - peak network traffic growth continued to climb past record highs set in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, entertainment activities continue to dominate overall network traffic, with video streaming accounting for 71% of downloads.

Connectivity is essential

Aside from computers, there are a bevy of Wi-Fi-enabled devices that people rely on every day. Some of these things you may have in your home include smartphones, security camera systems, smart outlets, color-changing lightbulbs and thermostats.

The changing dynamics and demands of life during a pandemic meant more people relying on these types of devices to stay connected and productive. This reliance continues today. Data shows in 2021, Comcast connected nearly a billion unique devices to Wi-Fi, a 12-fold increase from 2018.

This increase in usage underscores the need for reliable connectivity. During the unprecedented shift in network usage throughout the pandemic, Comcast invested more than $4.2 billion to strengthen, expand and evolve its network - more than any previous year. From 2017 to 2021, the company invested nearly $20 billion to evolve and grow their network, as well as build out more than 50,000 new miles of fiber. That is equivalent to driving back and forth from the west to east coast 20 times.

A strong backbone

With more people and businesses connecting in new and remote locations, a strong, secure network backbone is critical to help ensure fast, reliable connections aren't disrupted. Two key network backbone components are cybersecurity and managed services.

Cyberattacks are up compared to a decade ago, and there are now dozens more unique attacks. It's important to pay attention to the newest advice on how to protect yourself and your family. The easiest action is to partner with a reliable internet provider that does the heavy lifting for you.

Comcast is making regular investments into its cybersecurity solutions, and it's paying off - in 2020 alone, the company blocked billions of botnet, malware and phishing threats. That protection gives people the confidence to use the communication channels they need without excessive worry.

Plus, with inflation concerns and money tight for so many people, network offerings are more flexible than ever, allowing Comcast to tailor its packages to fit the needs and budgetary restraints of its customers - including the Affordable Connectivity Program that provides a $30 or $75 credit toward internet and mobile services. Visit to learn more.

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