Sites, Books, and Pubs that Every Freelancer Should Read

As a freelancer, it’s your job to be resourceful. Whether you’re looking for work or just looking to learn more about your industry, you need to be a go-getter who knows where to look for what they want.

One way to keep on top of your freelance career is by reading websites, books, and publications that relate to your career. Even if you think you don’t have enough time to read, you might find that setting aside twenty minutes or so a day to read an article related to your field can invigorate you and help you solve problems you may be facing. Here are a few places to look for good content related to the freelance lifestyle.


Many freelancers don’t think of themselves as entrepreneurs—but they should! What could be more entrepreneurial than being your own boss, finding your own clients, and making money off your passion?

Entrepreneur Magazine has great content, both in their magazine and online, that will benefit you no matter where you’re at in your freelance career. The stories there not only give advice for living the best freelance life possible, but they also provide inspiration by sharing the stories of highly successful individuals.

Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer by Liam Veitch

Veitch’s book is the perfect read for any freelancer who is looking to take their success to the next level. The book uses Liam’s own personal journey as an outline for success that any freelance can use. Topics include getting exposure online, finding a freelance groove that feels comfortable and reliable, and working less while earning more.

The Freelancer’s Union

The Freelancer’s Union is an amazing resource for freelancers. They provide a range of services, from helping freelancers get insurance to connecting people in similar industries. Their website also has a ton of great articles that can help you navigate the freelance lifestyle. Topics their articles have recently tackled include negotiating your rate and working through tough times.

The Social Animal by David Brooks

This book by New York Times columnist David Brooks is a great glimpse into what makes a person successful. What makes Brooks’s book so interesting is how it dismantles traditional ideas of success and shows how it can take a variety of shapes and forms. Brooks’s book promises not only to change how you work, but how you live your life in general.

Adweek and Advertising Age

If you’re a freelancer who does anything even tangentially related to the worlds of advertising and marketing, Adweek and Advertising Age should be on your weekly reading list. They identify some of the most important trends in the industry today, but their articles often illuminate things that are helpful for anyone working in 2015. At the very least, knowing what’s in each publication every week can give you some solid conversation starters for when you hit up that networking event.

We’d love to hear more about the publications you find most helpful in the comments below.

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