Singer-Songwriter and Fiverr Make Beautiful Music Together

Hailing from Indianapolis, Ind., Aaron Walker studied creative writing and French literature at Georgia State University and is now focused on becoming a singer-songwriter. When he needed quality production and real instrumentation, he turned to Fiverr and got all he needed and much more. Here is Aaron’s story.

After deciding to combine two of my passions, writing and music, I took more courses in songwriting and attended music conferences to learn about the music industry. I decided I needed to develop a major project to introduce my concepts, production, and music into the world, but to do that I needed an easy and affordable way to get quality production and real instrumentation.

These days, we often see producers who control everything themselves with a digital audio workstation (DAW), using synth sounds that imitate that real-life feeling, but I think working with real musicians is much better because there is no imitation. I love to have live bass parts played by an actual bass player. I think this adds something magical to the music. When you have a bass line with emotion and feeling, it better communicates the intention of the song. Behind the lyrics, you can feel the purpose. It’s the same thing with the other instruments. I feel that nothing beats the real thing. When you have a piano, keyboard, or drum part filled with human touches and nuances it gives the record a memorable and intimate quality.

Unfortunately, it’s usually hard to connect with other local musicians and actually work with them how and when you want. Fiverr has changed all that. Using Fiverr, I can easily connect with others, negotiate deals, and even get professional advice from musicians who have perfected their craft and worked in a variety of musical environments

Sometimes I come up with a song using a specific chord structure. I build it by adding lyrics and standing in parts for the instruments I hear in my head. Or I will vocalize those instrument lines. I can then send rough versions to Fiverr sellers to get their feedback and negotiate what I’d like done and in what style. When I get the finished product, I can then replace or add to what I’ve already created.

I rely on a variety of Fiverr Gigs® and often go back to sellers I have built a longstanding relationship with. Their quality and details make all the difference. I like to use Leemarc123 for bass. He is amazing! He has reproduced baselines I have thought of and helped me come up with new lines all together. He even gave me advice about production and how to better construct songs from the ground up. Musikhausllc has done most of my piano and keyboard parts. He always gives me exactly what I need and more! I love his three different takes deal. Even if I don’t have the idea fully developed for a part, Mark always interprets what I am feeling and thinking and gives me something great. I can send him chord structures and he follows them, adding style and interpretation.

Nicodrums is a great drummer, and I have been completely overwhelmed and surprised by his Gigs. I would suggest him to anyone. He too always adds a certain style to the music. The drums are never vanilla. They are exciting, dramatic, and have that personal touch that you want in your music. He too has given me lots of advice on how to better create and produce songs. I also have a country song that Tenvolt helped me with. Man, he turned my idea around! I started out with just piano chords, changed those to guitar chords, but Tenvolt helped me add other instruments, including bass, electric guitar licks, and the steel pedal. We did multiple takes. He gave me lots of advice on how to achieve that “country” sound. I think the end product is amazing!

I am grateful for all of the sellers because they have done more for me than just play on my songs. I have gotten so much valuable advice and different perspectives. These sellers care about the projects they take on, and that, too, makes a huge difference.

The Impact of Fiverr

Fiverr has really let me create songs from home and keep my overhead as low as possible. Given the quality and service, you really can’t ask for better! For example, recording a song in a major studio could easily have cost me over $1,200 just for recording, mixing, and mastering. So without Fiverr, my entire project could easily have cost me many thousands of dollars, taken thousands of hours, and caused a lot more stress.

Fiverr is a great alternative for independent artists and companies. There’s no middle man, and you get right to what you want. There are many options for different Gigs from different people for different prices. And if you don’t find what you need, you can always post a request and get feedback from many sellers. Now I’m thinking of offering my own songwriting Gig on Fiverr, and I would love to give to my buyers the same indispensable advice and love I have gotten from the Fiverr sellers who helped me.

Are you a Fiverr buyer with a great success story to tell? Let us know in the comments below.

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