Setting Boundaries as a Remote Worker on Fiverr

It’s finally happening. You’re going to sell your unique services on Fiverr. You’re setting up a profile and ready to hang your digital “Open for Business” sign out for the world to see.

And, you just remembered that you’re the boss.

This means establishing healthy work-life boundaries before accidentally diving into the deep end and forgetting to come up for air. Sure you love what you do, but every remote worker on Fiverr needs to set professional workplace boundaries that work for them so they don’t get overwhelmed with projects and fall into the creative burnout trap.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries for Yourself on Fiverr

With an uncapped earning potential, the ability to set your own schedule and choose which projects you accept, remote work life is pretty amazing. Here’s how to make it sustainable.

Set Work Hours

First and foremost, your client needs to know when you work. 

Since Fiverr is global, it’s imperative to clearly communicate the hours you’re accessible for online messaging or conference calls. Always include your time zone in correspondence.

You are running your business. Set hours that work with your creative flow and lifestyle. Fiverr clients are hiring you based on your skills and availability. Share hours that work for you! 

Manage Daily Communications

The in-platform messaging system is how clients and freelancers converse on Fiverr. Check it regularly. 

However, if you’re a Fiverr Pro member, you can communicate off-platform. 

Think of the internal messaging system much like email. It’s a good idea to see what’s lingering in your inbox at the start, middle and end of your workday.

Tackle a Viable Schedule 

As client work starts to roll in, be realistic about the amount of work you can take on while offering top-quality output and professional customer service.

Are you starting to work past your usual hours? 

Are days off falling to the wayside? 

Are projects you’d usually enjoy becoming a burden?

It’s time to revaluate your boundaries between work and personal life. And maybe, cut back on projects.

Downtime rejuvenates our physical and mental health, which in turn improves personal relationships and work performance, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review

Use Platform Messaging

Some clients will ask about texting, doing video chats, hopping on a phone callor all three! 

If you find yourself being pulled in several directions when it comes to communicating, ask your Fiverr contact to correspond through the in-platform messaging and document sharing options. 

Streamlined communications keep all project details in one handy place for later reference.

Maintain a Professional Presence

As you build a roster of repeat clients on Fiverr, they become friends. We love this aspect but remind our remote workers from product photographers to IT pros to always put their business foot forward. 

When you link your social feeds to your profile, use business-only accounts. We also recommend posting an office-style, friendly headshot. 

This helps reinforce your trustworthy, reliable persona in both recurring and new client relationships.

Make Fiverr a Dream Work Environment

It’s up to you to manage your day-to-day schedule. If you choose to work around the clock and be a puppet to client text messages at all hours of the day, it’s time to revaluate your boundaries. Can you implement a few of these ideas today and enjoy your remote work even more? 

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