Protect Your Money and Personal Information: Red Flags of Fraud

(BPT) - In today's connected world, we need connected solutions; and new services are available that help keep your money and personal information out of the hands of potential scammers and fraud schemes. Choosing the right products and services is important year-round, but Fraud Prevention Month this March brings it to the forefront for many consumers.

Fraud is of particular concern for those over 50; between March 2020 and February 2022, NortonLifeLock has sent 47,895 alerts and 45,814 notifications to AARP members. A 2020 report from the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) revealed they had received almost 800,000 fraud complaints that year, with reported losses exceeding $4.1 billion. Approximately 28% of the losses were experienced by victims over the age of 60, and resulted in approximately $1 billion in losses to this group. Thankfully, many products and services are designed to identify the red flags of fraud and keep you safe - some of which are offered to AARP members and come with exclusive discounts.

This Fraud Prevention Month, make sure you've given yourself the best possible protection by incorporating some of the below products and services into your life.

Protect your home by choosing the right security system and home warranty plan

Feeling safe in your own home is paramount to health and happiness, and a home security system is crucial to achieving this. Many systems today are designed for the modern age and come with comprehensive protection to tackle modern fraud schemes. One of these services is SimpliSafe®, and AARP members save 15% on new home security systems. SimpliSafe® systems are easy-to-install, require no contract, and feature fast, 24/7 police dispatch - which provides peace of mind that your home has the best possible protection.

It's also important to ensure your budget is protected against the cost of unexpected home system and appliance breakdowns. AARP members receive $36 or more off any American Home Shield® home warranty plan, which offers access to preferred vendors that have been vetted, and can help cover the cost to repair or replace parts of home appliances and systems that break down over time. Plus, this discount can be combined with any current, eligible offer from American Home Shield to save you even more. Valid for new American Home Shield members only.

Help protect your electronic devices from both hackers and disrepair

Connecting to our loved ones and to the rest of the world is a big part of our online lives, and now there are products and services that help keep us safe online. Through AARP® Identity Theft Protection by NortonLifeLockTM, AARP members save 30% on plans designed to help block hackers from your devices, keep your online activity private and protect your identity, all in one. Identity thieves can change your address without authorization or use your info to open fraudulent credit card accounts, get payday loans, and even file tax returns in your name - so it's important to get protection from identity theft. Members also have access to an up to 25% discount on Norton™ 360 plans that help block hackers from infecting your computer and devices with malware, stealing the information you send and receive when you're connected online, and spying on you through your computer's webcam.

Members can ensure their tech is up to date and ready to defend by saving up to 15% off on remote and on-demand IT troubleshooting for computers, laptops, and mobile devices through Norton Ultimate Help Desk. Norton specialists can also help you connect your devices to a wireless network, hook up your computer to your printer, transfer digital photos, and more. Members can pay $59.99 for one-time help or can enroll in an ongoing subscription for $16.99/month.

This Fraud Prevention Month, you deserve to feel safe and secure both on- and offline. Thankfully, the products and services available today are designed to identify the red flags of fraud and are equipped for the challenges of the modern age. Ensure that you're using all available resources to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home by utilizing the benefits available to AARP members that defend your home and electronic devices against fraud.

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No one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft.

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