Newbie on the Spot: Video Creator and Filmmaker Alex Cruzvergara

Warning: major inspo ahead! This week we chatted with Alex Cruzvergara, former police officer turned video producer who had us fanning over his innovative intro video and amazing work samples! Read on as we get a sneak peek behind the scenes of this creator’s day-to-day.

Who: Alex Cruzvergara

What: Video creator and filmmaker

Where: Boston, United States

Fiverr tagline: “I bring to life stories of personal significance”

First things first – tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi! I’m Alex Cruzvergara, and I’m a video and film creator based out of Boston, USA. I was born and raised in DC, which is also where I met my wife (she’s my high school sweetheart!) and before I started creating videos I was a Police Officer and loved every minute of it. When my son was born, I bought my first professional camera and started making videos. I was instantly hooked. I then started making videos at work, which my department really encouraged, and that led me to make my first “professional” video.

That’s a pretty drastic career u-turn! What made you take the plunge?

Well, the change was quite gradual. The guys at my police department had seen some of my home video work and asked me to start managing the social media channels for the department. I made videos, took pictures, and began to create a presence. From there, I started taking side jobs. Being in control of my own schedule and the type of projects I did was so empowering and exciting. So, in January of this year, I took the leap into full-time filmmaking! I couldn’t be happier.

Walk us through a typical day

7:30 AM – Rise and Shine
Unfortunately, five-year-olds have no mercy so my day starts early. Coffee First. Always.

8:00 – 11:00 AM – Work time
For shoot days, I normally double check and load my gear before heading out to meet on set or client site. For editing days, I start by looking through the projects in my queue and deciding what to tackle first.
I spend a few hours editing then spend some time answering emails, updating my
social media or networking with other creatives in the Boston Area or right here on
Fiverr. My days are never the same, which I love. I always enjoy the variety.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (ish) – Break time
I usually break to go for a run or head to the gym, make a quick lunch, and get back to editing before it’s time to pick up my son from school.

5:00 PM – At the end of the day…
My day ends at around 5 PM unless I’m on a tight project deadline and then it’s just another break. My first Fiverr client needed a film shot and turned around very quickly. There were a couple 16 hour days in there…

Video creator Alex Cruzvergara

Why Fiverr?

Fiverr has a great reputation among creatives in the “Gig Economy”. On top of that, the analytics allows me to see which Gigs are making the most impressions and use that data to improve them even more!

What keeps you inspired when you’re not filming?

My family. They’re always doing interesting things

 Lighting Round! 

Color of B&W? Color!
Outdoors or indoors? Indoors
Day or night? Day
Hitchcock or Tarantino? Tarantino! (Seriously, Inglorious Bastards, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction…)
Work or play? Play!
TV or film? TV
Netflix or chill? Chill
Rihanna or Beyoncé?  Rihanna!

Amazed? Us too! Check out Alex’s two Gigs and awesome Instagram!


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