Modern technology rescues backyard pool-time fun

(BPT) - Technology has made the world a very different place than it was just one, five or 10 years ago. Film cameras, handwritten letters and portable CD players, all have been replaced by newer, more efficient inventions.

These advancements have improved so many facets of our lives, it really is no surprise that the latest technological breakthroughs have also hit the back yard pool.

Pools have always provided their owners with a wonderful source of relaxation. Maintaining and cleaning the pool, however, also used to require real exertion and just plain hard work. Veteran pool owners remember hours spent trying to capture those elusive leaves with pool skimmers, or the sore back that comes from using pole vacuums and just the over-all poor performance of most suction cleaners.

Fortunately, technology has improved the pool-cleaning process just as smart phones and other innovations have improved communication and, well, almost everything.

Today, pool owners are increasingly opting for robotic pool cleaners, like the Aquabot, to handle the task of keeping their pools clean, making robotics the fastest-growing category in the industry. So why are robotic pool cleaners so popular?

Here are a couple of reasons:

* They are affordable. While robotic pool cleaners are not completely new to the market, many pool owners had previously opted for pressure or suction cleaners because most robotic cleaners were just too expensive. Modern advances have helped bring the cost of these products down though, and robotic cleaners can now be purchased for as little as $299 for above-ground pools and just $399 to $799 for typical in-ground pools.

* Reduced chemical usage. Many technology advancements come in response to consumer demands for healthier products, and this has taken place in the pool industry as well. The Aquabot robotic pool cleaner for example carries the strongest vacuum pumps in the industry, removing more dirt and grime which reduces the amount of chemicals owners need to add to their pool. This makes for a healthier swim for everyone.

* Easy to use. Smart phones are popular in large part because of their ease of use, and robotic pool cleaners now offer a simplicity all their own. To use a robotic pool cleaner, simply place the robot in the water, plug it in and press the button. The robot does the rest.

* Environmentally friendly. In addition to being healthy for the body, many consumers also want products that are good for the environment. Robotic pool cleaners are more energy efficient than standard cleaning methods. For example, the Aquabot's cleaning cycle uses 40 percent less electricity and costs just 5 cents per cycle hour. That means big savings for both the environment and your wallet. Robotic pool cleaners are self-contained. That means no hoses or costly booster pumps associated with pressure or suction cleaners.

As with most technological advances, consumers who own pools are demanding products that improve efficiency and make life more enjoyable. For pool owners, robotic pool cleaners mean more time spent swimming in the pool and less time cleaning it. You can learn more about the Aquabot at

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