Meet the Brand New Seller Who Designed The NYSE Facade – While traveling across Brazil

“This was for sure the most surreal month of my year so far”, says Daniel Vincent, designer extraordinaire and brand new seller to the platform. Daniel, who joined Fiverr a mere month ago, thought his online career would take time to take off, so paused his Gig and went traveling across Brazil. Little did he know that while he was road-tripping, his unique, dream-like style caught our Editors’ eyes, and he was asked to illustrate the facade of one of the most important buildings in New York – the NYSE. Two weeks later – after illustrating on-the-go (in the middle of the jungle!) – Daniel was in New York, seeing his name and creation celebrated on Fiverr’s IPO day. Since we love nothing more than a good success story, we chatted up the artist to get the scoop on his whirlwind of an experience.

Hey Daniel, So happy to chat! First things first – tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi! My name is Daniel Vincent, I’m from Paraíba, Brazil, the easternmost point of the Americas, where the sun rises first.

What do you do on Fiverr and how long have you been a seller on the platform?

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, and animator. I became a seller on the platform a month ago, and I still can’t believe how fast things happened for me. 

So you join Fiverr, and a month later we reach out to you with this HUGE project (AKA, designing the backdrop for the NYSE on the day of Fiverr’s IPO!) How did you feel?!

Everything happened so fast! I was on a trip at the time, traveling by car from Sao Paulo to my hometown, which is about 3,200 km. I think it was the last week of my trip when I received a message from Fiverr’s Editorial Team, inviting me to be part of this incredible project. My Fiverr account was still on vacation mood! Even though I didn’t have all the professional equipment I’m used to working with, I accepted the challenge.

At first, I didn’t know the actual dimensions of the illustration, but when I was told that my design was going to be displayed on the facade of NYSE building, I was very surprised! To top it off, on the last day of my trip, after having two of my tires burst in the middle of nowhere, I received an email inviting me to New York, for the big IPO celebration. This was for sure the most surreal month of my year so far. It wasn’t the first time I traveled for work, but it was definitely the most incredible one.

Sounds Incredible. So tell us about your design process. What Inspires you?

My father is a painter and my stepfather a photographer, so I draw a lot of my inspiration from them. But my work and the thought behind it goes beyond other visual artists. First, I’m constantly inspired by my lifestyle and what I consume during my day-to-day, like the music I listen to or the concerts and movies I watch. Nature also has a big influence on my work. When I first started out as a freelancer, I was a digital nomad and got to travel and be surrounded by nature a lot. The colors of the forest and the animals, the movement of the water and wind, the sunlight, the softness of the clouds, the power of waterfalls… these inspire me all the time.

How did you go about choosing the different elements for the IPO design? 

For this illustration, I used a technique I really enjoy, where I draw things I imagine without having to worry about proportions, or creating elements that connect and create an actual scenario. For this design, I started by researching the platform and creating a list of ideas and elements that represent the various services available on Fiverr.

Tell us about New York

It was a very special opportunity for me. To participate in such an important event for Fiverr was incredible, but even more amazing was getting to know the Fiverr team and having the privilege to hear inspiring stories from other sellers of the platform.

What was the most memorable part of this project?

I believe the whole process was memorable, but the most striking moment was getting to the NYSE and seeing my name and my illustration on the facade of one of the most important buildings in New York.

Finally, what are your Fiverr goals?

Fiverr is something I’ve been looking for a long time: an online place where I can showcase my work, reach people from all over the world and have an easy and intuitive commerce platform. My next step is to create additional Gigs showcasing the different types of work I do. I strongly believe that Fiverr will end up being my main source of income.

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