Kutiman+ Fiverr Collaboration Takes Radio by Storm!

After launching an incredible new single, ‘Inner Galactic Lovers,’ a collaboration between Tel Aviv’s Kutiman and Fiverr talent from all around the world, we’re thrilled to announce that the song is now receiving extensive radio airplay.

Kutiman was able to tap the diverse talents of the Fiverr community to create the perfect piece. If you’re a musician or need the help of highly talented musicians to create or finish your song, then Fiverr is an ideal resource for you!

Fiverr is proudly sponsoring a number of independent, non-commercial radio stations across the U.S, many of which are featuring Inner Galactic Lovers on rotation.

Please support artistry and show your support by tuning in below:

WFUV- New York
KCRW -Los Angeles
KCSN- Los Angeles
Vocalo -Chicago
Sound Opinions
KPFK-Los Angeles

Radio Phoenix
WSUM-Madison, WI
WYEP-Pittsburgh, PA

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